Friday, June 7, 2013

Random Stuff

I am allowed to post random stuff. Random pictures, that is.

I really don't do many text posts anymore, but in my defense summer is really uneventful and I like it that way.

So, random pictures it is.

For you Avengers/Doctor Who fans:

Loki the Tardis

Now that your minds are blown...

...they are extra blown.

This should prove to my sister why I need a red plaid shirt. I mean, duh.

All my favorites, too.

And so apparently someone on Tumblr said they needed to post the weirdest things they had to scare off Yahoo. They then added: "I'm looking at you, Sherlock fandom."

Weirdness most definitely ensued.

I only post the tame stuff:

Oh... my... goodness... Sherlock fans, you have too much time on your hands. Far too much.

That is Lestrade, isn't it? It would be so embarrassing if I were wrong...

And then, for Harry Potter fans:

Now, while the pictures are funny in themselves, what is even funnier is the comments I found on them:

| So here you see two photos of Emma and Rupert displaying elegance and serenity—and then there’s Dan. "I HAVE A BRANCH ON FIRE! I’m not Daniel! I AM HARRY POTTER!

| | i don’t know what makes me laugh more the comment or the photo.

| | | On the bright side, Dan is not on fire.

| | | | did u just go there

| | | | | DAN IS NOT ON FIRE.

The comments make everything better. XD

In Pace Christi,


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  1. I love that picture of Dan haha. And the how Phil thing...maybe?