Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Random Amusing Things

Hobbit-related, of course. What else did you think they would be related to, hmm? I sort of have a one-track mind these days.

Which can be a bit of a problem, as I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to be working on my own stories. I know I have promised not to talk about them on this blog (1., it would be incredibly confusing for everyone; 2., no one would care; 3., I inflict enough of it on my family as it is; 4., have I mentioned incredibly confusing yet?) and I know I have once or twice broken that rule, so I don't need to break it again.

Because incredible confusion would result.

Incidentally, my stories lead me to doing such things as trying to find the right spelling of 'psychosomatic' and to look up the different divisions of the atmosphere. Because I try to ground my fantasy world in real life. Not sure how much success I have, but the attempt is made.

Anyway, that is not what I am here for. I am here to post pictures and stuff. It's what I do, after all, even if only one person says they care (we have our little gigglefests over pictures and stuff; I don't mind, come join the party, enough for more people), which I am extremely grateful for. I feel less like I'm talking randomly to myself.

I do that enough as it is.

I really need to move on to the pictures...


Ori, what are you doing?

Face it, the Dwarves need the directions, even if they are coming from an odd little man in the strangest trousers they have ever seen. After all, if they leave Thorin to do the navigating, who knows where on Middle-earth they'll end up?

What? I thought this gif was funny. Don't you? XD

Also, I found some more funny stuff from HobbitCon:

  • Fan: What did you think about seeing your face on a plane?
  • Mark: Mine was on the door so it didn't really matter.
  • Stephen: That's because you're a DORi.

    • Sylvester McCoy (about Matt Smith): ... And then a twelve-year-old stole my TARDIS.
  • Fan: In the book, Fili and Kili are the youngest, but in the movie Ori is the youngest. Why did they change that?
  • Jed: They asked us not to shave for a few days and the person with the least beard growth could play the youngest.

    Even more ahahahahahaha.
    Seriously though if you look in the WETA Chronicles books pictures demonstrate that Aidan had a very nice beard before they started filming. I'm fairly sure someone referred to him as 'Irish Jesus' somewhere but I can't remember where.
    The caption for this? "On a scale of one to Sylvester McCoy, how drunk are you?'
    The picture comes with a bonus Dwalin head. Seriously, he seems to photobomb everything. Maybe it's because he's so tall. ???
    The poor fan whose picture is being taken with these guys... the poor fan... She (I assume it is a she) is going to either be scarred for life, or scarred for life and glad she was scarred for life.
    Oh, Jed...
    Dean, what are you doing now???

    Bored hobbits. What a sight.

    I'm really not sure what they're doing here, or pretending to do, rather. o.O

    Trashcans? Seriously, lol what. Trashcans?

    Yes, you're adorable, Dom. Please stop playing it up for the camera before we all melt from the adorableness.

    Jed. Again. Being more normal this time, thankfully.
    ...Wait, is he ever normal?
    Well, being less... flamboyant... than usual. Yeah, let's go with that...
    Oh, wait, here's some of him being his usual self:
    Oh, look, I finally managed to get two onto the same level. Not sure how I did it. I'm not doing to try to squish them together, either, a la Tumblr, because I'd probably accidentally delete them.

    I really have no idea what any of them are doing, especially the first three. Don't ask me. I'm clueless. It's in my job description.

    Why, yes, I found someone's stash of HobbitCon pictures. Are you really surprised?

    This next one might surprise you...

    I have absolutely no idea why someone thought it would be a good idea to dress as a bunny to a LOTR convention. Do you?

    However, the actors were gracious enough to imitate her, although some of them (looking at you, Dean and Stephen) don't seem exactly thrilled about it.

    Of course, the moment has been preserved in all its infamy for all posterity. *cackles insanely*

    Jed Brophy dancing, ladies and gentlemen. As viewed, in all likelihood, from someone's iPhone.
    There were also gifs of Dean.
    ...Oh my.
    I found a lot of gifs of Dean.
    ...Suffice it to say that this person has a Dean obsession.
    Oh my.
    I think I can fill an entire post with just Dean gifs. I mean, it's like you wouldn't believe.
    Why, yes, I do go randomly lookin up stuff to blog and type out my thoughts while doing so. Don't you? I tend to do that a lot - type out my thoughts. I don't know if it helps me think or not. It's easier to do it with typing than with writing, though, since my typing is faster than my writing and can keep up with my thought processes better.
    Whenever I send a letter to a friend (yes, I use snail mail), I really don't plan out my letters. I just sort of sit down and start talking. On paper. It's a sort of whatever-I-happen-to-think-of-and-write-down sort of thing. As I am very random, they are very random letters.
    They seem to do their job, though.
    Okay, this post should win an award for randomness. I think it's time for me to go to bed.
    *checks clock*
    Oh, most certainly.

    In Pace Christi,

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    1. I absolutely love that picture of Adam Brown with his cheeks bulging. It's like a cute little chipmunk. ♥