Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Arts Post

So I did some other stuff while I was reformatting my Bofur Optimism and Dori Pessimism memes. Behold:

The aftermath of the Battle of Azanulbizar (Dimrill Dale in Westron, Nanduhirion in Sindarin). Thrain, not missing in the books, although blind in one eye and halt from a wound on the leg, stood up before the surviving Dwarves (1/2 of the Dwarves fell that cloudy winter day) and claimed victory.

They responded: "If this is victory, our hands are too small to hold it."


...sniff. Now I'm going to make myself cry again.

By the way, Thorin's younger brother died that day, also. My belief is that, both book and movie, Frerin died fighting Azog. After all, Azog beheaded his grandfather; Frerin could have just as easily targeted Azog in the books as in the movie, and since it doesn't say how he died, just that he died, I'm free to speculate.

I also believe that Kili looks like Frerin. Stew on that for a bit.

And, finally, the award that I just had to make up for myself in honor of an escapade last week:

And I managed to do it on the same road. Sigh. I shall probably remember forever which road is which now. Which is, I suppose, the one benefit that comes from getting lost - you are usually guaranteed to remember how you got lost from then on out!

Of course, I could have made the award fancier... added a border and gold stars or something. However, there is a limit to what you can do with Paint. Sadly.

I had to explain the 'Thorin Oakenshield Award' joke to my dad. :( It's like the, "You're as useless as a shoe shop in the Shire." If you don't get it... you obviously are not of the fandom.

Fandoms: "We might not have been here at the beginning, but we will be here until the end."

In Pace Christi,


Dori Pessimism Master Post

As promised, here are the (much fewer in number) Dori Pessimism memes, brand spanking new, to accompany the longer-established Bofur Optimism meme.

What's that, you say? Which am I - Bofur or Dori? It depends on the situation. Generally, I try to be Bofur. However, there is a certain threshold over which I get grumpy. Also, I tend to be more cynical of people (if only in my head) and more positive about life and circumstances in general. A bit paradoxical, yes, but then I see great value in paradoxes. XD

All I can say is, if you haven't seen Veggietales' The Lord of the Beans, you seriously need to watch it. LOL.

Only 7, and the last was sort of a repeat of the first. More generic, and suitable for widespread distribution in light of the benighted masses who are ignorant of Veggietales. XD

In Pace Christi,


Bofur Optimism Master Post

So I pulled out my TH: AUJ DVD again today and took screencaps. I also watched Goblintown frame by frame, and still cannot figure out where the Dwarves get split up. It also happens twice, unless some shots are out of order. Dunno.

I also find it frustrating that Fili is constantly next to Thorin, Kili, and/or Gandalf, and yet the camera never focuses on him. The next time someone on asks, "What would you like to see in AUJ EE?" I will answer, "More Fili." And then I will pause and add, "Bombur, to be fair."

Anyway, this post marks the return of my very own Bofur Optimism meme, newly reformatted. It will also be accompanied by the Dori Pessimism meme, and a few others that are not really memes (actually, mine cannot be memes, as they have not undergone memetic mutation, but what else should I call them?).

Without further ado:


*Whew*! I had no idea I had 22 of them. Goondess. What I am doing in my spare time...

Enjoy, or something.

In Pace Christi,


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm a Few Days Late About This

...but Martin Freeman has officially finished his work on the set of The Hobbit. He has completed his work as Bilbo.

It is the end of an era.

Goodbye, Mr. Bilbo.

Bilbo Watson and Smauglock

Graham McTavish said on Twitter: "So sad to say farewell to Martin after two and a half years. It was time for a very big hug and a fair few tears... Travel safely, brother."

Meanwhile, Luke Evans (Bard) finished up as well. Apparently, he is now off to go play Dracula in something. O.o

We still have the Dwarves, though. Let's postpone the panicking and the hyperventilating until all the Dwarves are gone. Then... we break out the ice cream and sob shamelessly.

Bonus: Dwarves squashed into Peter's tent to review some footage:

In Pace Christi,


Multifandom Funny Stuff

Is 'multifandom' even a word? ...Hmm. I doubt it. Well, I have just coined it. Feel free to use it now as you like.

Not sure what the platypus has to do with anything... At least I can confidently identify the Doctor, the Supernatural crew, and (of course) John and Sherlock. I even know that it is the Tenth Doctor. Haven't I learned so much, Amy?

And it is all your fault. XD

Now, presenting: If Sherlock Went To Hogwarts

For some reason I can't get the picture to enlarge. Well. The source appears to be yourpotterlock on Tumblr but I cannot say for sure as Internet Explorer has decided to not let me open any new tab. It's rather cruel that way.
All you need is something about playing Solitaire on there and you will have me in a nutshell. Okay, I don't cry that much. But it gets there.
Martin Freeman dancing in Buckingham Palace, apparently.
And now presenting:
| Sherlock's disregard for furniture is wonderful.
| | Wait, this is not normal? I thought this was how everyone used furniture.
I don't even know what I am doing anymore here.
In Pace Christi,