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Dean O'Gorman Appreciation Post

I need no justification as to why I am doing this. None whatsoever. The post is justification for itself. If you do not share this belief, you obviously have no business being on this blog.

Now that that is out of the way.... drumroll please... PICTURES!!!

Here's to hoping that makes it into the EE edition of the troll fight.

Dean on his first day on set:
"I was in a fat suit and costume harnessed to the roof, standing on Kili’s shoulders. I had to catch an axe, swing it, then chop a big piece of green foam that was meant to be a troll. On top of that, I had to deliver a line. My brain just went into panic!"
And that is that scene. Now you know.

From another interview:

Dean O’Gorman on Fili
“I like to think of him as very cool…”
Tell us about Fili…
As the older brother of Kili he is the more responsible one, and quite protective of his younger brother. He is also aware of his connection to Durin’s bloodline and the seriousness of Thorin’s mission. This is really his chance to prove himself. Not that he doesn’t have his moments to be cool. I like to think of him as very cool.
Aidan Turner, Kili, suggests you are the Prince William to his Harry
Did he? Well, there is something in that. Fili is definitely is the better behaved one. They do stick together; Fili is very loyal.
Is it fair to think of you and Kili as the ‘Legolas’ of The Hobbit movies?
There is something in that too. Except we are much better-looking.
You joined the party late, after another actor (former EastEnder Rob Kazinsky) dropped out. You must have had to hit the ground running.
I had already done an audition - I read for Thorin - but I had moved on. Then out of the blue, I think it was early 2011, Philippa (Boyens) called me up for a costume fitting! Just like that! It was one of the best phone calls of my life. They had been shooting for a couple of months, so I had to do three weeks of intensive training: movement classes, dwarvish lessons, fighting two-handed with swords - a really swift introduction to the world. The boots were helpful. You move like a dwarf with them on, and the movement is key, slow but with purpose, even though Kili is more athletic than most.
Do you think small?
Dwarves consider themselves the correct size. They naturally live underground: they love to be close to the earth, to feel rock around them, and they have a low centre of gravity. But there are times when they face bigger opponents, or peer up at Gandalf or Elrond. Then, it’s just that they are out of their natural habitat and these people are unnaturally big.

I agree. The Dwarves and Bilbo all look normal-sized to me - it helps that I am not that much taller than them - and Gandalf, Elrond, etc. all seem freakishly huge. Intellectually, I know it's not so, but it seems that way - so props to the camera crew!

More pictures ahoy!

I don't know if I have posted this one or not, but honestly his facial expression is so funny it deserves reposting.

NOW do you know why some fans call him Dean O'Derpman??

I honestly don't know what he's doing here. My best guess would be an impression of your average teenage girl. Which is a scary thought in all its implications.

SEE? He's wearing that shirt again!!

Someone decided to gather pictures of Dean from through the years and titled it: "Starring Dean O'Gorman's hair".

This is extremely out of character for me, but I think I will venture to say that, yeah, he should stick wtih the short hair. The last one, though... *snerk* Stick to being a Dwarf, Dean, why don't you? It works for you. Being an ancient Greek? Not so much.

I have heard that he is in some sort of Treasure Island movie along with Jed Brophy. I need to look this up. Think of the crossover potential!

Courtesy of Twitter:

Oh, look, something on Twitter that isn't in German. Huh. Would you believe that?

I have another picture, but Blogger refuses to let me load it. I'll try again some other day... possibly in that threatened A & D post. *evil grin*

In Pace Christi,


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