Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Not All Fanart Is Creepy (Though A Lot Can Be)

Some is very good. I feel the need to demonstrate this point. Therefore, this point shall be demonstrated with pictures. Everything on this blog lately has been demonstrated with pictures. Pictures are sort of taking over this blog. That is not exactly a bad thing, however.

I do make a point of adding some commentary occasionally, if only to keep this from being too Tumblrified.

Yes, I just coined a new word. Forgive me. However, I do know the rules, so I think I can break them occasionally. XD

Done by kadeart on Tumblr. And possibly on Deviantart. They usually keep the same user names, which, I must say, is mighty convenient for those of us who are less tech-savvy and just sort of stumble around the Internet, going, "Ooh, shiny," and clicking on stuff.

Not sure who this was by. The writing was all in a foreign alphabet! It was on pixiv.net, though. It should link back to the original if you click on it... above individual drawings of all the Dwarves going from their usual selves to blood-spattered red-eyed vampires. Or something like that. o.O

You wouldn't believe it, but the Bombur one might actually be the scariest. Yikes!

Now for a blast from the past:

Yep. Someone (kanapy.tumblr) did this. The first image is from the Rankin/Bass animated Hobbit movie. Fili and Kili were actually some of the least terrifying Dwarves in that. Don't believe me? Go look it up for yourself.

Seriously. I once looked up some videos from it (I saw it once in like third grade and all I remembered of it were Smaug's eye beams and Bilbo running around with his heels on fire going, "EXTINGUISH ME!!!", so I had a natural curiosity). My siblings happened to be around. My sister promptly declared that it was horrifying and creepy in the extreme and almost ran away. My brother and I watched with a sort of Bile Fascination - it was so bad we couldn't look away.

So, yes, the fact that Fili and Kili started off looking like that and ending up SO MUCH better has been mentioned a lot in the fandom. Basically, everyone improved with age. We're not complaining. XD

This one is by karama-wari on Deviantart. I just thought it was too cute not to blog. Little Gimli with the axe and then Kili's silly grin... yep, had to blog it.

And now three from seidrs.tumblr:

Aggressively Plays Peaceful Folk Harp Solo

Far Over the Metal Mountains Cooooooold

Then, from zwtfanart.tumblr we get this:

And, yes, I have seen the Doctor Who video where they sing this song and do this dance. Is it a dance? They do whatever is going on here, let's leave it at that. So I got the joke.

This one is by bridgioto on Tumblr, who has done some nice stuff with the Brothers Ur, as I have seen them called somewhere. Never mined that Bifur is their cousin, not their brother. It's still a good designation, like the Brothers Ri. (Who wants to bet that their mother was called Glori or something?)

She also did this adorable work:

And for those of you who noticed that, right before Dori's, "Could I tempt you with a cup of chamomile?" scene, Ori is polishing a plate with his sleeve and setting it down carefully (and Bofur in the background picks up a cookie, takes a bite out of it, nods approvingly, and puts it back), there is this from caylren.tumblr:

Now this one looks like it's actually art from one of the LOTR online games:

Yay for Radagast!

Okay, okay, I'll admit it - I thought this one was cute:

The source appears to be here. Once again, it is in some foreign language and I have no idea what it's saying. Grr.

But lovely art, though.

This is by kaciart on Tumblr (watch out for that blog, some major NSFW stuff on there! ...Believe me, the burned hand teaches best about fire, and after that the warnings go to the heart, to quote Gandalf. *shivers* So this is one of the... um... NOT creepy fanarts on that blog. Just take my word for it):

But I thought this one was funny.

By lanimalu on Tumblr. Ahahaha. Can't you just see it happening? Because I sure can!

Here's something else very cute by lanimalu: Dwarf Cats!

This is from deckitout.tumblr. She (I assume it is a she) commented: "I don't know about you but I think Fili and Kili would be allstar beerpong players. HOWEVER Bilbo would wipe the floor with them."


I just love Bifur in the bottom right corner. Gandalf looking on. The fact that one of the tags is legitmately #Thorin Smokenshield. Ahahaha.

In Pace Christi,


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