Saturday, June 29, 2013

Aidan Gif Post

...Because I'm not really bothering to be discreet anymore.

Not fangirling over this guy has proven to be a distinct impossibility. He makes it impossible. I mean... have you seen ANY of the pictures I've posted?? I even go out of my way to find pictures of him and Dean being the loveable dorks they are, but even at their derpiest they can't go any worse than adorkable.

Discretion on my part has been lost somewhere along the way. The sad thing is, I'm not sure I really care.

So, yeah, gif posts!

First, a gifset I found somewhere in the dark depths of Tumblr:

The commment on this gifset? "This man makes facial expressions look like a winter sport."

Yes. Yes, he does. It's rather irritating how ridiculously adorkable he can be. I mean... some of us are trying to be sane fangirls! Please, do not make this any harder for us!

Apparently there is a rumor that he is on Tumblr and it has caused mass panic in some cirlces. The poor guy.

As for these next three, I don't know why. They're from Being Human and I guess I just thought they were funny. So enjoy, or something.

Like I said, I don't know why. I do a lot of things just because I think they're funny. I do have troll tendencies.

For bonus points:

Dork. Loveable dork.

In Pace Christi,
P.S. As you can see, I have a lot of gifs. At least, I have found a lot of gifs. I do not keep them all, however. Nevertheless, my gif collection is like... 125 gifs by now. Yikes. Time to whittle 'em down a bit, I think...

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