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Some Random Facts About Aidan Turner & Dean O'Gorman

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Back to the positive stuff!

Here are some random funny or interesting facts about Dean and Aidan.
  • The scene where Fili and Kili enter Bag End had to be shot for 47 times before they got it right. Dean and Aidan had trouble bowing and saying ‘At your service’ at the same time.
  • Dean has called Aidan his “Irish brother.”
  • Everyone kept messing up Fili’s and Kili’s names. Aidan also accidentally called Dean ‘Kili’ during a scene. Also, Richard Armitage mixed their names and he actually shouts “Kili” in the Unexpected Journey during the Rock Giants scene, even if it’s actually Fili that’s in trouble.
  • Dean is shorter than Aidan, so he was given bigger boots in the Hobbit so Fili and Kili would seem to be the same height.
  • Kili and Fili are both blonde in the book Hobbit, but Peter Jackson didn’t want to put a wig on Aidan (since it would have probably looked odd)
  • Aidan and Dean became best friends during the filming. They hanged out together all the time, had their own inside jokes and spent most of their free time together.
  • While not filming, Aidan and Dean used to go and play Xbox games together (sometimes even in their costumes.)
  • Dean said he had a hard time with his moustache braids, since they kept falling or flying off if he turned his head too quickly or started to sweat during the action scenes. He also kept accidentally hitting people with them (naturally Aidan a lot since they were often side by side)
  • Everyone in the cast often said that Aidan and Dean got along very well ever since they met.
  • Aidan and Dean did an audition together before Dean was cast to Fili’s role.
  • Aidan is a trained dancer.
  • Aidan was cast as Kili because Peter Jackson was a fan of the show Being human. Ironically, Aidan left Being human and his character was killed off when he got a role in the Hobbit.
  • Despite having played a vampire and a were-wolf, Aidan doesn’t believe in anything supernatural.
  • Aidan has said that he doesn’t watch a lot of tv shows, instead he loves movies.
  • He told Peter Jackson he had read the Hobbit before his audition, even if he hadn’t. He read the book after he got the role.
  • Aidan had the shortest daily time of hair, make-up and proshetics of the whole Hobbit cast.
  • While not filming, Aidan used to hold his long hair (a wig) up with hair pins.
  • Aidan compared Fili’s and Kili’s relationship to Prince William and Prince Harry.
  • Dean is a talented painter and photographer.
  • He held an art gallery of his own work in Wellington.
  • Dean already had a black belt in karate when he was 10 years old.
  • Dean got into the Hobbit when the original actor of Fili left the movie due personal reasons.
  • Dean thought he was going to get just a short non-speaking role in the Hobbit when he was first called about the possible role, “I thought something like maybe I’d play the orc number three from the left” as he described it. When he heard he could be casted as Fili, he was overwhelmed.
  • Dean got stuck into a mailbox a few years back, when he was returning from a night-shoot. He was stuck in there for two hours before the fire brigade managed to get him out.
  • Dean describes Fili someone loyal and more well-behaved than Kili, since he is the next in line of the throne after Thorin and his heir.
  • Dean said that Fili and Kili are not brave, they just appear to be because they’re young and stupid.
  • Dean would like to work with Aidan in a future projects, like an indie movie where they wouldn’t need to use fake hair or heavy costumes.
I knew some of these things - yeah, as for the first one, where they had to enter Bag End, Dean has said in interviews that it didn't help that Martin Freeman was making faces at them from behind the camera the whole time, trying to make them laugh.

A post of pictures of Aidan and Dean being adorable dorks is also in the works, if anyone's interested.

Is anyone not interested, to put it another way?

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