Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Further Proof the Adorableness of the Tolkien Casts Is Over 9000

When I say casts I mean those of both LOTR and TH, as should be apparent. However, I will obviously focus more on TH because it is more recent.

I mean... just look at 'em.

Here they are at RingCon, being (mostly) serious for this picture. From left to right, Adam Brown (Ori), Jed Brophy (Nori), Mark Hadlow (Dori), Graham McTavish (Dwalin), Sylvester McCoy (Radagast - and, I looked it up, Amy - he is the 7th Doctor!!!), Stephen Hunter (Bombur), Peter Hambleton (Gloin), John Callen (Oin), and tiny Dean O'Gorman on the end (Fili), doing... whatever he's doing... presumably, peeking around John Callen.

Speaking of Doctor Who, the paper says the 11th Doctor is leaving and they are looking for replacements. I have only a passing interest in the show, but I read the article. It said the front-runners for the 12th Doctor are - get this - Rupert Grint and Russel Tovey.

You read that right.

Ron Weasley. And George from Being Human.

For those of you less familiar with BH, this is George on the left here:

I think I'd be able to take him more seriously than Ron, at any rate.

Oh, and that picture STILL counts for this post since that's Kili on the right. It's a small, small world.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

This is the non-serious picture from RingCon. Dean... what are you doing??? Is Dwalin trying to choke Bombur? What is Oin pointing at??? What is Sylvester doing?? Nori appears to be considering something in the background.

Most importantly, WHAT IS DEAN DOING????

Dorks. Lovable dorks, the lot of 'em.

Picture says all.

Dean apparently wears that red plaid shirt to every convention, because I'm pretty sure this is HobbitCon in Bonn, Germany.

No, I absolutely do not have a desire to acquire such a shirt myself. No, not me. I am perfectly rational and sane. My sister has no reason to despair of me.

At HobbitCon, again, in another one of their panels, with Mark and Adam pretending to be Dori and Ori and acting out a scene from Ori's childhood. I really need to go to Bonn next year...


Again... Dean, what are you doing? Everyone else looks normal for the camera, so what's up with the weird face? You know, stuff like this has gotten your pics captioned as "Dean O'Derpman" on Tumblr.

Not that I would ever do such a thing, because I like the cast too much for that.

Bonus! Merry and Pippin eating noodles. These two are also adorable. They're like the Fili and Kili of LOTR. Either that, or Fili and Kili are the Merry and Pippin of TH, you decide. Does it make a difference? It's sort of like the chicken-egg debate.

Cool. Just... cool. Awesome, even.

On that note:

I wish I could find pictures like this for all the Dwarves, but not such luck. I've only ever seen ones for Thorin and Fili. You'd think with Kili's popularity someone would have attempted to do one for him, too, but apparently not. Sad face.

Is Jed Brophy wearing a Beecake shirt? I do believe that is Billy Boyd's band.

Small world!

Playing Captions Contest with this picture is an instant cure for any lousy day! My first thought on seeing this picture was: "Jimmy, what are you doing?" Then I thought for a moment, and said to myself, "Jed, what have you done?"

Seriously, Jed could have put a thumbtack down on the seat, which prompted this scene. LOL.

Let's play a game of Can You Spot the Three Funny Things About This Picture!! I'll give you a few moments to examine it.


Okay, here we go!

(1) Dean in an Underarmor shirt, still with Fili's hair. I don't think I'll venture any comment here, just moving along...

(2) Dwalin with a beer. Seriously, Dwalin with a beer. What's amazing is how in-character he still seems!

(3) AIDAN HAS BARRETTES IN HIS HAIR. Why, Aidan, why??? A yellow one and a red one. Gosh, even I don't use barrettes unless one of my braids (when I braid my hair, which is very seldom) is particularly unruly, and even then I pick plain ones. YELLOW AND RED.

Is this someone's idea of a joke? To kill me with hysterical laughter???

Because I'm really ROFL at this point.

Oh, look, even Elrond and Galadriel can get in on the adorableness. I like Elrond SO MUCH more in TH than in LOTR. In LOTR he was grumpy and spent most of his time trying to separate Aragorn and Arwen (contrary to the book, I might add!). In TH, he takes out a patrol of orcs on wargs (look, his father killed Shelob's mother AND the largest dragon who ever lived... yeah, it's that kind of family), snarks to Gandalf ("You never are."), and is generally more like the Elrond, "as kind as summer", that we meet in The Hobbit while still being awesome.

Plus... Elrond in armor. I needn't say any more.

Irish adorableness. Can't beat that. Not a chance.

I notice how Aidan and Dean are always together in the group shots. I would also like to take a moment to point out that Aidan seems really to have gone to ground since TH:AUJ came out. Dean's been going to conventions and things, but not Aidan.

*checks Tumblr briefly*

Smart move, Aidan. Smart move.

Speaking of Tumblr:

Fun with captions! I suggest: "Dean Discovers Tumblr." That's certainly the look I would have if I discovered what creepy fangirls were writing about me - and, I promise, sooner or later I will do that threatened Guidelines for Sane Shipping and post it!

Before people get any weird ideas, I know this isn't what's going in this picture, and I know Dean knows about the creepy fangirls. When asked how Fili and Kili lost the ponies at HobbitCon, he replied: "Hobbiton weed. I don't want to say who gave it to us but he's tall and has a pointy hat. But nice try. It's not what you were thinking."

Poor darlings. For every nice fan you get, you get ten creepy Internet stalkers.

I'm totally doing those Guidelines soon.

In Pace Christi,


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