Friday, June 7, 2013

Stupid Fans

So, apparently someone (and it was a fangirl *headdesk*) asked Richard Armitage: "Who would win in a cage fight, Thorin or Dwalin?"

RA: "You mean Thorin and Dwalin in a cage together?"

Fangirl: "Cage fight against each other, who would win?"

RA: *smiles and shrugs*

SERIOUSLY, people. They're friends! They're not going to fight each other! Why on earth would they do that?

Besides, even if they did, Dwalin is so loyal to Thorin he would never be able to attack him and I would be sobbing my heart out at the sight.

I mean, come on, fangirls. This is a new low. Your cruelties know no end.

Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patienta nostra???

Insert 'fangirls' for 'Catiline', and you get a slightly altered version of Cicero's famous quote: "To what lengths, o fangirls, will you continue to abuse our patience?"

I did find gifs of that interview, but they wouldn't let me load them, so... sorry.

More Cicero:

O tempora, o mores!

"Oh, the times! Oh, the customs!"

The fangirls' stupidity hasn't ended there. Look what else they've done:

This is just annoying. Horrible fangirls. I like Dean's response, though - smart guy!

Also, why do all the tweet images I find seem to be in German? Not that I mind, but it's a little odd. Is Twitter run in German?

In Pace Christi,


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