Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oh, Look, More Gifs

Thank goodness for those people on Tumblr who make gifsets. They help me out a lot, as I STILL haven't bothered to look it up on how to make them. Nah, I just reblog them.

So, without further ado, Protective!Thorin:

Or, six reasons why we all love Thorin. Because he looks out for his Company. He is a leader they would follow to the death, and he bears a return responsibility for them. He knows it, and he tries to live up to it.

May I mention the fact that when the Dwarves are jumping down into the secret passage to Rivendell, Thorin guards the entrance and makes sure he is the last to jump? I'd also like to mention how Fili waited until Kili got there before jumping down himself.

I had noticed the scene in the 5th gif before, on one of my many rewatchings of TH:AUJ. When they Dwarves fall through the trap doors and land in the cage-like strucutre, Thorin tries to reach Fili and Kili as the goblins swarm them. In dangerous situations, Thorin does seem to look out for his nephews first. Understandable.

I hadn't noticed the scene in the 6th gif before. I had noticed that fili was the one to jump there - I always look for his blond hair, which gets me into trouble sometimes since in Goblintown Gloin's ginger hair can look the same with the weird lightning and all. I simply hadn't realized that Thorin was the one grabbing him onto the platform and making sure his nephew came with them.

Also notice how Fili keeps his right hand well back so that he doesn't accidentally stab his uncle.

I love watching and rewatching TH:AUJ. There's just so many small details like that to look for. It's a treasure hunt of the highest degree. :)

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