Saturday, June 22, 2013

TH:DOS Screencaps

I found them on They are simply too beautiful not to post.


the Lonely Mountain

Click on it. It's HD. Trust me. Took forever to upload. It actually looks like the Paramount Pictures mountain... I expect stars to swirl out and circle it... It sure is majestic, though. A majestic mountain for a majestic king.

Dale in ruins

Compare with this:

Dale in its prime

Thranduil's Halls

Thranduil. Natch.

Bilbo & the Butterflies

Dwarves in Mirkwood

Dwarves cornered... Legolas

Tauriel in the dungeons

Tauriel in action


Tauriel & Legolas look out at Laketown

Dol Guldur

Gandalf in Dol Guldur
More of Thranduil's halls

Legolas going out into Mirkwood

Speculation is that that Elf on the left is Stephen Colbert's cameo in TH:DOS. If you watch the trailer and pause it when he's looking, it does look like him.

the Hidden Door

Thorin in Laketown

Bard in Laketown

Thorin stepping on the key string... Be more careful, Thorin!

Kili having too much fun at WaterWorld

Thorin must not like the camera man...

So pretty... all of the pictures... Except for maybe Dol Guldur. It's not supposed to be pretty.

But everything else is. : )

In Pace Christi,


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