Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bofur Appreciation Post

Because, seriously, the world cannot have enough of Ridiculously Lovely Bofur. I have lots of pictures AND gifs to back up my claims.

First, the memes. The memes are always a good way to start. So let's open with a few genuine Ridiculously Lovely Bofur memes!

As you can see, the meme is all about Bofur being amazingly nice and ridiculously lovely. Everyone wants to have Bofur as their BFF; in fact, I think that could be scientifically proven. For a given value of science, maybe, but still.

And everyone loves the hat. At least, I love the hat. I think it's cute. It matches his braids so well. Did you know he has three, not just the two on either side? There's also one in the back. Don't feel bad. I didn't realize that either until I bought the LEGO Bag End set (Bofur comes with it - LEGO Bofur is so adorable!!) and noticed it on the minifigure. He also has an earring on the left side that looks like it was made out of a tooth or fang of some sort.

Ridiculously Lovely Bofur is ridiculously lovely.

D'awww... I would really like one of those hats for my birthday. And I would wear it, just because I would like it, not just to horrify my sister (though that would be a big incentive, too). I would even braid my hair to match Bofur's. And I would wear it when we go see The Desolation of Smaug this December.

It would be my very own, pathetic attempt at cosplay. However, I have heard it said in the Ringer fandom that we don't do cosplays; we embrace our true forms. So... apparently I am a Dwarf. Whatever. It fits.

Also, something by someone on lotrconfessions.tumblr:

Can we get a resounding Amen?

Now for the gifs!

Don't know why, but I really like that third one.

I just really like Bofur.


In Pace Christi,


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