Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yet Another Random Jed Brophy Appreciation Post

Because I can. And because I need no excuse by this point. The guy is like a walking Crowning Moment of Awesome and/or Funny.

Why is he wearing the cowboy hat? I have no idea. It looks fun, though.

His own commentary about this picture: "Don't I look knightly hehe".

Someday I shall have to do a Random Jed Brophy Twitter Appreciation post. Because his Twitter account is seriously hilarious. Half of the time it seems he's drunk-tweeting or something. And he randomly tweets in rhyme for no reason!

Also, at HobbitCon in Bonn, Germany, this year, he and Dean O'Gorman (Fili, to those poor benighted peoples out there) walked on their hands. Evidence:

Here they are, starting off strong. Graham McTavish on the right does not know what to think of their shenanigans. (Yes, I like that word. Shenanigans. It is a good word.)

Here is Graham trying to run between them before they topple over on top of him. Adam Brown (who is AdORIble) seems much more composed about it.

Well, Dean's out. Looks like he couldn't manage it any longer. I like John Callen (Oin) and... is that Peter Hambleton... on the left clapping and looking on like, "You silly boys..."

Dean's up now, while Graham is still trying to get out of the way. Jed, however, is holding on strong... still making his way across the stage.

And here's the last one, with Sylvester McCoy (Radagast the Brown, also known in some circles as one of the incarnations of the Doctor... number seven? I can't remember - Ammmmyyyyy, do you know which one???) walking on stage. Nice hat.

Why, yes, I do have a nefarious plot in the works to get UNA to approve of HobbitCon as an acceptable cultural even that they will sponsor me to go to. I have a minor in German and all that, so it should make sense... Yeah....

Also, to all those people on Tumblr who took these pictures: I love you. I also envy you, but I love you, too. Thank you for sharing.

I do have more HobbitCon pictures I found to share, but perhaps I'll save those for another day...

In Pace Christi,


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