Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moria Tribute

This is something random I did weeks ago when I was having fun going through my LOTR EE DVD's (if you do not know what the acronyms stand for, you are on the wrong blog).

Okay, there are also some Hobbit pictures involved. I know they are of Erebor, not Moria, but I need something to show the Dwarves at their best, and unless Peter Jackson decides to ever show us Moria at its best (which would be supremely awesome) Erebor will have to suffice. By the way, that prologue of The Hobbit is awesome.

In The Fellowship of the Ring, while the Fellowship is in Moria and Gandalf has lit up his staff to expose the enormous dark pillars and they contemplate the former grandeur of Khazad-dum (the Mansion of the Khazad, or Dwarves), Gimli sings a song about it. I took the words, took some screenshots, played around with Paint, and this is the result.


Elves are so last year. Yeah, I like the Dwarves now...

Yes, yes, I know my spacing on the pictures is rather bad, what with just two lines on some and then three on others; it doesn't help that I usually chopped the lines into two segments. Dunno. I originally planned to just do the one picture (the second-to-last one), which explains why the font is a bit different there - I couldn't remember which one I'd used. Ah, well.

If you get the words stuck in your head now, my work here is done. At least you won't be alone. In the book, Sam really likes the sound of the poem too: "I like that! 'In Moria, in Khazad-dum.'"

In Pace Christi,



  1. It's a great work ! Awesome, I'm imprest. Nice to read and watch on something like that, thank You ((: