Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Pictures!

*sing-song tone of voice* I'm baaaaaaaack! And I've brought with me pictures that I didn't get the change to post last niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

No, I have no idea either why I decided to put so many i's in that word. Honestly, no idea. At least it wasn't five exclamation marks. That is the sure sign of a diseasd mind. At least, Terry Pratchett has said so, so it must be true.

Have I mentioned that I got Wee Free Men the last time I was at the bookstore? YES! I am beginning my Pterry collection. Now, if only I could find someone to discuss it with...

Sad face.

On to the pictures! Or pictures of text... or whatever they are... miscellaneous funny Tolkien-related things... stuff...

Now that is an idea, yes, precious! We should troll all telemarketers from now on by picking up the phone and speaking in Gollum's voice. The only problem is that the telemarketer might be a closet Tolkien fan and know what I am doing, yes, precious. However, the problem then arises of why are they a telemarketer when they like Tolkien and should therefore rise above such drudgery... I suppose they could always be movie-only fans.


Ooh, an even better idea, yes, precious! Troll all telemarketers in Gollum's voice - IN GERMAN!

I am grinning stupidly just picturing the looks on their faces.

Sadly, this is not a gif. I wish it were. Then I would keep it and add it to my little gif collection.
*checks folder* Ooooookay, apparently I have somehow managed to accumulate 95 gifs without realizing it.
Let me rephrase that.
Sadly, this is not a gif. I wish it were. Then I would keep it and add it to my huge gif collection!

Uh... now that I come to think about it, yes, that's right! But of course Bilbo would do that. It's a very Bilbo-ish thing to do.

I never noticed that before! Huh. The theory is sound! Perhaps it shall be added to my equally huge collection of headcanons...

I have a lot of headcanons, okay? Mostly they just get left to rot in my brain, but some get digested and thought about and eventually regurgitated into fanfic. Yes, fanfic. I have joined the dark side.

On that note, I have finally figured out (duh!) how to insert horizontal lines into chapters. Yay! I love horizontal lines. They help keep everything nice and neat. I like things to be nice and neat and organized. It's logical.

I don't have to put * * paragraph break * * at random sections of my chapters anymore. I can just put lines!

That means, of course, that I get to go back and fix all those things in previous chapters... *headbang*

I like how whoever posted this was using Twitter in German and I can still understand perfectly what "Antworten" and "Mehr" means. Of course, "Retweeten" shouldn't be too hard to figure out for even most English-speaking people...

I love how someone obviously took the effort to lovingly stencil the LOTR-ish font and the designs of the leavs and vines onto this Jersey barrier. (I do believe that is what this sort of concrete structure is called.) I wonder, does it say the same thing on the opposite side of the bridge?

Really, no commentary I can add below this picture can add to its perfection. I will just note taht the cat's expression is truly evil and back away slowly...

Oh, by the way, did you know that Sauron started off in The Book of Lost Tales as Thu the giant, evil cat?

You're welcome for your new nightmare.

You MUST click on it to see what they are saying. This is from an interview where the reporter asked them if they did the singing for Misty Mountains.

Aidan's face in the top picture is simply hilarious. Plus, there's the fact that he's fiddling with a blade of grass or something through the whole interview (what? I watched it long ago before I found these pictures of it!) and generally... yeah. They're so adorkable.

Here is someone's hilarious commentary on these pictures:

"Hahaha, Aidan's face in that top frame!! He and Dean look like two kids that were pulled off the playground and made to sit still and talk, while Adam just happily sits there like the little Englishman that he is!"

Whenever I see this on Pinterest I just start cracking up... because, yes, it DOES sound so plausible!! XD

Um, yep, this is pretty much what happens in our house, too. And dad has the exact same reaction. He seems amazed that I know both Blunt the Knives and Misty Mountains (did you think for a moment that I wouldn't???) and that I am not ashamed of singing them randomly. Especially while doing dishes.

Who cares about zombies? DWARVES. Did you hear me? DWARVES. Elves are so last year!

I wish I had discovered that one the week finals were over with!!

Uh... yeah... pretty much.

They just don't understand the breadth and width and depth of my obsession.

I mean, it's beyond an obsession. It's a way of life.

And I'm only half-joking.

In Pace Christi,


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