Thursday, May 2, 2013

Well, Duh

This appeared in the NY Times recently:

Dude, do your research before you name your bat. (How long will your bat last, anyway? Don't they break occasionally, or have they moved away from wooden bats now?) Even the movie gets this right.

And what's with the random mention of the Misty Mountains? They have absolutely nothing to do with the weaponry. Also, The Hobbit should be italicized. If the movie is being referred to, it should be referred to as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey to distinguish it from the next two installments of the series. Or TH:AUJ if you're lazy. I type it often enough myself...

Bordering on nitpicky now, but 'Dwarf' should be capitalized. I'm less finicky about capitalizing 'Hobbit', since there's no possible way anyone could mistake what I'm talking about. (At least, there shouldn't be.) But there are hordes of Snow-White-style dwarfs (not Dwarves) out there with which the Khazad of Middle-earth could be confused. I do not wish to see them confused. Therefore, CAPITALIZE!

We need to organize a campaign to save capital letters. Have you noticed advertising lately? Either the writing is in all caps or it is in all lowercase. This drives me nuts.

And then we wonder why our children cannot spell or write. *headbang*

In Pace Christi,


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