Friday, May 17, 2013

Majestic Thorin, Just Because I Can

So I decided that some people (i.e., the members of my family who occasionally look at this blog and shake their heads over what I am doing in my spare time) needed a greater appreciation of Majestic Thorin. Oh, they know what it is all right; it is an impossibility to share a residence with me for any extended period and not know all about everything pertaining to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The reasons why should be blindingly obvious by now.

It has eaten my life and I'm so not sorry.

However, I realized that they had not actually seen many of the Majestic Thorin memes, and I decided to remedy this appalling situation. In consequence thereof, this shall be a long, silly, and picture-filled post, with me commentating for whatever reason.

...Why do I use pretentious language and big words to convey stupid concepts, you ask? Because I think it's funny. I'm just weird that way.

TELL ME someone didn't do that on purpose. TELL ME.

SHEET MUSIC. It's in SHEET MUSIC, guys. It's in the soundtrack music book. Someone actually decided to write it in there. Granted, it probably happened before the meme did, but even so... It's everywhere! So get used to it.

Look what Google Images is doing now. Just look at it. Even Google knows about Majestic Thorin by know. I told you it was everywhere!

I love gifs. I love them so much. I collect them, doncha know? And this is a nice one of Thorin being his usual Spinning Wheel of Doom, as I have labeled it. Orcrist is slicing more goblin necks... 1001, 1002, 1003...

Nope. You can never be more majestic than the big brother. Big brothers always have more dignity. And more majesty, more importantly. It's a well attested fact, as all younger brothers know.

In fact, I think we can extend the greater majesty to all big siblings. Which is nice in my case, since I'm the oldest and therefore have the greatest majesty.


SO not majestic, Kili... Hahaha, I don't know why, but this meme always struck me since the captions seemed to fit their facial expressions so well... Haha... I don't know, you could put so many funny captions to these screenshots. Kili's look of, "Oh, noes!" and Fili's face... ahaha, Fili's face is priceless. He's perfect at giving great, "Are you for real?" expressions. I mean seriously...

Sometime I should have to do a gallery of Fili's expressions. Anyone want me to?

And that one, as you can see from the white tag to the lower right, was down by PeckishOwl on Deviantart, so all credit goes to him/her.
To top this majestic post off, I shall have to share what someone said on Tumblr:
So I feel kind of awful because I went to church with my parents the other day and in one of the songs the chorus just started with a long drawn out “MAAAAAAAAAAJESTYYYYYYYYY” Aaaaaand I definitely thought of Thorin and not Jesus and I’m pretty sure this just adds one more hole in my “go to hell free” punchcard.
I probably could have wrote that. Because it's a true story (minus the song, since I don't know that song, but yeah... whenever I hear the word, there my thoughts go...).
So, do you all have a better appreciation of Majestic Thorin now?
Good. I hoped so.
In Pace Christi,