Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Okay, I Have Lots of Funny Things to Share

A post title like that is always encouraging, I think.

No, I didn't post over the Memorial Day weekend. I was too busy! We had family over and things. I love my family, so out-of-towners staying with us is a joy, not a chore. They are always fun to be around. We had more of a get-together on Sunday, but Memorial Day itself was spent doing work and cleaning and various other things.

Plus, haying season has started. The bales are beginning to pile up in the barn. It's amazing how much warmer it is in the barn once only two layers of bales have been laid down in one half of the barn. If the bales were still a little wet when they were put in, the tight atmosphere makes them continue to decompose a little and possibly burn. Yes, bad things can happen. Also, bales must be stacked on their thin sides, not the wide sides. It makes for stabler rows of bales.

Yeah, yeah, so I obviously live on a farm and am proud of it...

I am also proud of all past and present members of our armed forces!

And now on to the fun stuff (i.e., what everyone comes here for anyways, because it certainly isn't my inane commentary).

Bag End door cookies! I want some!

So I've decided to start putting the less necessary bits of my commentary as captions. Will it work? Dunno. But it's something new and different - anathema, I know. But I want to play around with captions for today, so bear with me... There may be a lot of captions...

The resemblance is undeniable.

Where else?

I just find that one genuinely funny for some reason. ...And for those of us who live under rocks, the guy's name is Nicholas Cage. The National Treasure guy. Because, seriously, that's all I know him from. And I liked Riley Poole better.

I have a gif of Riley, too.

My brother imitates it randomly.

Sometime I should post it.

But I already have about 30 more pictures to post... Obviously they will not all be done today... And I keep finding more... Help, I'm back on Pinterest and obviously today is not the day I close it and do something productive...

Okay, I might go shopping if Gandalf showed up to take me. That would be fun. Perhaps I could buy a pointy hat (so I could do a pointy hat trick) and also long robes, because I think those would be fun (for a while) and I have always wanted a cape. Cloak. Whatever. Capes are brightly colored and belong to superheroes; cloaks are for warmth and protection (and occasionally camoflauge) and are useful.

Plus, I could buy a big stick, and use it to whack people when appropriate.

Shopping with Gandalf it is!

Ironically, I hate shopping in real life, and I only like places like Books-a-Million and Tractor Supply Co.


I love these things that appear on FailBlog's School of Fail. Can you see why?

So true.

If Bilbo had tried to explain how he got past the goblins.

Because Thorin is just that awesome.

Now, I wonder which of these Nazgul is Jed Brophy?

This should be self-explanatory.

Success Gandalf

Who thought giving Sam a gun was a smart idea?

I also want to know who thought putting Theoden in charge of a boat was smart.

Fili & Kili are some of the best reasons why Tolkien is better than Twilight.

Just sayin'.

Dwarves make for a better party. Always.

Oh, Martin...

Phew! That's a lot of pictures. And I have a lot more to post... Yippee!

I should probably also warn you that there is another Richard Armitage appreciation post in the works.

Not that I should have to warn anyone by this point.

What's that? You're asking me to do a Dean or Aidan appreciation post? Well... I would. If I didn't feel so embarrassed about it. RA is safely out of my age range. Posting pictures of Dean and Aidan seems more like stalky fangirlism to me... so I try to avoid it.

That being said, I did find some nice pictures of them, and of the cast in general...

Should I share? ;)

In Pace Christi,


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  1. Yet another amazing post! I love the one with Martin and the merchandising and then the "Why I want to go to New Zealand."

    I understand about posting about Aidan...It's the same for me. Lol. So I too post about Richard. That, and my dad reads my blog. I have to stay away from posting about guys like Aidan so I can avoid major teasing. Hehe.

    Merciless teasing, actually.


    This was awesome.