Friday, September 30, 2011


Aren't Fridays just lovely?

No Calculus this morning, so no heavy math book in backpack. I've finally learned there's absolutely no point in lugging my chemistry book to class, so no equally heavy chemistry book in backpack. So that leaves German book and notebook (both tolerably light), my history book, and my general notebook. AWESOME!! Then, as I could foresee I wouldn't have much to do in the two-hour period between chemistry and history, I brought along a book to finish. It was the Throne of Fire, by Rick Riordan, by the way.

I know. I should get paid to advertise for Riordan, shouldn't I?


As you can tell, I can hardly contain my excitement. It doens't help that I found part of the second chapter online yesterday. I love Percy so much!!!! He's such a loveable dork. After watching him grow up through five books you really get attached to him. It doesn't hurt that he has a great sense of humor, too. (Best opening line of any book of all time: Percy Jackson and the Olympians 4: The Battle of the Labyrinth: "It was the first day of summer break, and the last thing I wanted to do was blow up another school.)
Of course, Nico is a favorite, too. I can't help it, I like the weird characters. Troubled death-boy in dark clothes? Yep, I totally like him. And I like Jason. Jason's awesome. It took Percy five books to become both awesome and totally pwnsome, but Jason COMES awesome. I mean, he wakes up on a bus with no memory of his past life, gets promptly attacked/electrocuted by three storm spirits, and THEN pulls out a gold coin that transforms into a sword and destroys two of three said storm spirits. Yeah, my money's on Jason for sure.

And the Kane Chronicles rock, too. Carter is Mr. Wikipedia!!!! I know how that feels. I'm the human wikipedia in my family, too. Sadie pretty much annoys me, but I like her better now than I did when I first read the Red Pyramid. I was determined to hate Set, but, you know, he kind of grew on me, especially after the Throne of Fire where he broke six vases over Meshikov's head (a.k.a evil ice cream man). He's hilarious. It's like when I read Runemarks (another awesome book, you should totally go and read it, even if it's really long), where I was determined to hate Loki. When I started the book, I was like, "I hate this guy!" But by the end, I was like, "I love this guy!" Same thing with Set. Or with Naesala in Fire Emblem. (I like Naesala. And Tibarn. And Reyson. And Zihark. And Joshua. And Pent...)
Did I mention Anubis? Anubis is awesome in the Kane Chronicles. It's funny how he's so much like Nico and yet so much unalike, too. I think they hang out together in a New Orleans graveyard and discuss the respective evilness of their fathers... By the way, Hades was awesome, too. Yep, I like the death guys.
Ooooh! I forgot Thoth. Thoth was hilarious in the Red Pyramid. His first line sealed his popularity with me: "I've discovered something, Khufu. This is not Memphis, Egypt." Ha! They're in Memphis, Tennessee.
And even Khonsu is cool... in a creepy sort of way.
But I don't like Walt. I like Felix. Felix has penguins. Felix can terrorize enemy magicians into submission. Felix throws a mean shoe. You should never play basketball with Felix.

OKAAAAAY, now that I've gotten my Riordan rant out of the way...

Oktoberfest is tomorrow! The tractor parade should be arriving at any moment now... the Killen Antique Tractor Club drives their tractors to the park. Tomorrow night they will have fireworks and we shall sit and watch the pretty lights...

My younger brother will probably enter the pedal tractor pull again. He's got three trophies, so you know he's pretty good at it. The trophies have gotten bigger each year. One's actually just a second place (I think the other two are first) but it's bigger than the one from the first year, which IS a 1st place trophy. Odd.

At least I don't have to monitor hordes of screaming hooligans pushing each other down in order to climb up an inflatable jungle gym this year... Inflatables are usually a bad idea. Unless you can convince some adult into going down one. Then it's funny.

In Pace Christi,


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