Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All Stressed-Out for Hardly Anything...

I was freaking out this morning over the fact that I had a German quiz and a history exam today, and I should have known better. I freaked out for nothing, of course. I was rational enough to realize that German was going to be no problem. That, however, did not prevent me from frantically going through my book before Dr. Christy walked in the room.

History, however, had twisted a knot in my gut all morning. Still, it's always thinking about something that is worse than actually doing the thing itself. So it was with the exam. I got out of chemistry (managed, miraculously, not to fall asleep, which would have been rather embarrassing as I sit on the front row right in front of Dr. Diaz's desk... not to mention the fact that Amy would never have let me live that down, had she caught me like that...) and looked through my history book, and pulled myself into a more optimistic state. I'm usually pretty good with history, and as I looked at the essay questions I sort of said to myself, "Get a grip! You know this stuff."

So I did five paragraphs about Ancient Egypt. I even managed to throw in a few dates, and dates aren't generally my strong point. I'm not good at estimating time, age, distance, or anything like that. Meh. I actually know more about Egypt than I thought I did. I know I've read a lot of historical fiction, but seriously, I can intelligently discuss the Hyksos (Semitic people who invaded Egypt and introduced the horse to that land) and actually knew about the Egyptian/Hittite battle at Khadesh before I saw it in the book. So I hope I did fairly well with that essay... I've picked the 'Speculate about Harappan culture' for the essay written at home and aim to have a little fun with it. My world history book in high school talked about the Harappans in fair detail (considering what we know about them or the lack thereof, rather) and their civilization shows so many signs of being a dystopia that it will be fun to speculate about them. They're practically a story waiting to be written...

Oh, wait. I promised not to blather on about my own stories in this blog. Whoops.

On a more shocking note, not only do we have a Calculus quiz tomorrow, we apparently have an exam Monday. Great way to start the week, even if I do like Calculus.

In Pace Christi,


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