Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nothing in Particular to Say

Yay for Thursdays. Again. It didn't hurt that we got out of English 30 minutes early and that we didn't do the descriptive essay today in class after all. (A glance at the syllabus would have told me it was due NEXT Thursday...)

Mrs. Howell is so wonderful. We laughed so much in her class today. I really like it that she tells us about her family and so many other things in class; it really makes what we learn so much more interesting.

I don't know about the Calculus exam this morning. I hope I did all right, but you just never know... It was kind of ominous in that I couldn't figure out the first part of the bonus question...

I have finally thought of mentioning that I went to the homecoming game last Saturday, but I didn't take any pictures or anything to prove it. Or have I mentioned the game already? I don't know. I sat on the visitors' side with the rest of the students. I couldn't find Audrey, so I sat down on a seat and actually watched the game. I wish I knew more about how football works. I know the gist of it, however- like each team has to gain ten yards in their four downs, etc., and how if they gain more than that it's another first down. And I now have the astonishing distinction of knowing the names of TWO UNA players. Aren't I wonderful? Lee Chapple and Janoris Jenkins. And I only know those two names because the announcer called them out so often.

One of them is number 1, too...

Sorry. I'm much better with Alabama and Auburn players... At least, I was, until almost all the juniors skipped their last year for the NFL earlier this year! So many of them do that and I really don't understand why. That is another reason why Greg McElroy was cool (other than the simple reason of Audrey's and Elaine's love of him is infectious). Guys who stay on for their senior year instead of trying to cash in on being a top NFL draft pick do something rather admirable.

But, anyway... I don't even know where I am going with this totally rambling post. Oh, yeah, back to the game. Watching the band members' antics was funny. For the first half of the game, the people sitting in front of me ate peanuts the whole time. Large bags of peanuts. And they evidently thought it was Logan's or something because they just chunked the shells on the floor of the stands. When they stood up to leave at halftime, they left behind them a virtual carpet of peanut shells. It was so bad that later a guy walked by, paused, stared at the peanut leavings, and then said, "Were a bunch of monkeys sitting there, or what?"

In Pace Christi,


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