Monday, September 12, 2011

Brain Drain

Gah, I knew I spoke too soon when I complained about finding a topic for my narrative essay! The essay actually turned out to be easy. I started typing about my family's camp out and easily got 6 pages out of it.
However, I have a math test tomorrow and chemistry lab, more primary source analysis in history for Wednesday, and a chemistry exam Friday. Woohoo. If I can memorize the different charges on sulfate, phosphate, and nitrate I'll be doing good...
Spent another two hours in the meat locker. Maybe they keep it cold in there to preserve the computers. I don't know. I know they mean the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome, but it's still funny to look down at the keyboards in there and read, "Caution! To prevent the risk of serious injury, refer to the owner's manual." Seriously... keyboards...

In Pax Christi,


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  1. you know you're a writer when you can easily get 6 pages out of a camp out and you know you're a writer wanna be when you can't follow grammar rules when commenting on a grammar fanatic's blog post