Monday, September 19, 2011


A really awesome site that everyone should check out is this:

It's worth a look if you are Christian and realize that the quality of current priestly/pastorly vestments has gone sickeningly downhill. Here is our chance to give them the ridicule they so richly deserve! I like to check it every day.

The one I hate the most is BV Overload. Man in Crayola yellow poncho. YIKES!!

Of course, Target Practice- "You know, father, it might be just me, but giving them something to aim at might not be such a good idea..."- comes second. Or ties with it. One of the two.

I think of Bad Vestments every time I go to Mass and think to myself about halfway through the Introit, "Father's wearing his Lego chasuble again..." I can understand putting the symbols of loaves and fishes on a chasuble. What I can't understand is why on earth anyone would make the fish look like a Lego fish. And in case you think Lego doesn't make fish pieces, I have two younger brothers who are Lego-obsessed and one has a pirate set complete with tiny plastic campfire and fish to be roasted over the flames. Lego fish. And Father has a Lego fish on his chasuble.

Sorry, I've been wanting to rant about that Lego fish for a long time. It just bothers me...

In Pace Christi,


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