Friday, September 23, 2011

And As For What Is Obvious...

I totally forgot to mention in my preceding post that I finally got my act together today and put pictures on my blog! However, if you are reading this post (though I can't see why anyone would want to read my electronically articulated thought processes), you have probably already noticed that.


The picture of me sitting at that lovely grand piano is from my senior recital in May. I'm too lazy to walk up two flights of stairs and get the program we typed up for it, but I played nineteen songs if I recall correctly and five or six of them were from memory. Does this help explain why I always sit down at that lovely piano in Lafayette lobby and play something every time I walk in? Twelve years of lessons does that to you. The picture below with Amy and Jodi was taken at the reception after the recital. (And playing that many songs took an hour or so. No, my hands weren't tired after it, because I had been practicing those songs for at least half a year!)

The picture of me on the glider is from our trip to the beach this summer. I had brought my notebooks with me out to the porch with the intent of working on some of my many languages I have made up for my stories (don't ask- not unless you really, really REALLY want the answer) (and I actually did work on them some) but ended up trying to take a nap. You can tell how successful I was by the expression on my face when I looked up to see mom trying to take a picture of me. I usually do have some pretty good expressions in pictures- either "You see what I have to put up with?" or "Why are you still trying to take a picture of me???"
And then there's the picture of me with my lovely horse, Molly. She's a year older than me (so, 19) and is chestnut with a blond mane and brown tail. She has a white star on her forehead and white socks on her hind feet. She's a really sweet horse that I've been privileged to have for years. (As for our other horse, the pony, Champ... well, we don't always get along. But I like him much better than our chickens. Yes, I live on a farm. And, yes, chickens are some of this most despicable creatures in this world.) I love how when I'm riding Molly people will drive by in their cars and slow down, all the kids in the back seats pressing their noses against the window: "Mommy, look! It's a real horsey!"

Yep. And those things in the field are called trees, too.

One truck actually stopped so the people could gawk. City-slickers. Rubber-neckers.

The picture at the bottom (if you scroll all the way down to look at it) is also from the beach. I think my sister took it. Hand her the camera and you get it back with twenty more random pictures on it...

I wouldn't be surprised if she took the one at the top, too. This is embarrassing, but I can't remember where that placed is called, other than it's Little River Canyon. I didn't go with my family that day; I was sick. But they went. I know it's not Cades Cove, so what is it???? Again, too lazy to get up and look it up. Meh. It'll come to me later.

In Pace Christi,


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