Friday, September 9, 2011


Rejoice and be glad, it's Friday. That also means no Calculus today (although I do have a test Tuesday so I'd better study). So German, Chemistry, and History. Chemistry and History rhyme. Okay, that was random...

I like German, if only because I've had German before so I at least understand half of Dr. Christy when he starts talking in German as if English didn't exist (to the obvious dismay of the rest of the students). As for Chemistry, well, it's Chemistry.

After that I went to the meat locker... I mean, the foreign languages lab. I'd like to know one thing: WHY, oh WHY is it 60 degrees in there??? My fingers went numb yesterday, and today was little better.

History was entertaining, as usual. You wouldn't think so but it is. I don't know how much I missed (I wasn't there Wednesday) but it doesn't seem to be much, thankfully. I had better go type my notes in some sort of semi-coherent order and print out what I am supposed to so I will be less than completely and utterly clueless come Monday...

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