Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

...Or am I misquoting that saying? Whatever, Audrey put up on her blog, Curiosity of a Lion, something that I thought was very neat: a small post about herself. For no particular reason (and against all logicality, as I could be putting this time to much greater practical use), I will do something of the same sort here. Except mine will be much nerdier, I am sure.

Name: Elyse
Born and raised in Alabama!
School: Does preschool have to be listed? I think not. I went to a parochial school up to fourth grade and then was homeschooled through high school.
Family: I have a huge family. I am very tempted to start listing all of my numerous relatives but then this post would be inordinately wrong. So I'll keep it simple: there's Mom and Dad, me, my sister, and my two brothers.
I am blonde. I hope I don't act too much like it, though...
Like Audrey, I'm 5'3"ish. Yes, I'm short. I'm a hobbit.
Favorite color: ...Hm, hunter green or blue?
Favorite animal: Can't pick just one.
Favorite TV show? Don't watch TV. Haven't since I was small. Haven't got the time or the brain cells to spare. Don't want to start again, either. It's all stupid, anyhow. I would go insane if I was forced to watch TV. The odd movie isn't so bad, but I still feel like it's a colossal waste of time (unless it's Lord of the Rings, of course...)
Favorite Cartoon: see above rant.
Favorite Actor: I'm doing good to name even one. Ha. I can recite the cast of the Lord of the Rings, though...
Favorite Band: Does Celtic Woman count?
Favorite Song: How do you expect me to pick just one? However, if I have a 'motto' song, it'd have to be Fuer Elise... if only because I love it so and it shares my name.
Favorite food: HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO PICK JUST ONE? ...Hm. Anything with cheese. Cheese is one of the greatest substances known to man. There are five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and CHEESE! (Ha, ha. It's a Red Pyramid joke. Seriously, go read that book. It's awesome. And it's by Rick Riordan, who totally rocks! AND ONLY 7 DAYS UNTIL THE SON OF NEPTUNE COMES OUT! I CAN'T WAIT! And neither can my family because then I will stop counting down and annoying them.)
Favorite number: Um, 13? Wait, that's Taylor Swift's favorite number, too... rats. (Blame it on my sister. She told me that. I'm not a Taylor Swift fan.)
Favorite sport: This is SEC country, baby. I'm the one in the perpetual Auburn hoodie. Or Auburn shirt. Which is why I am sad about UNA moving to Division I. Before, I didn't have to worry about them playing each other... As an aside, I come from a mixed family, as my dad went to Alabama (and UNA!) and my mom went to Auburn. I am Auburn, Elaine is Alabama, and my brothers are confused. They have been known to wear Auburn shirts and Alabama caps. Simultaneously. --- However, I do support football ecumenicism and cheer for Alabama in everything except the Iron Bowl. Respect your rival. Toomer's for Tuscaloosa and Tide for Toomer's, friends.
Favorite book: This one should be obvious. THE LORD OF THE RINGS. The greatest book of the millenium.
Pet peeve: Hmm. Improper grammar, punctuation, and spelling? That's high on the list, I know.
Fears: Something falling on me. No kidding. And not being in my right mind. I'm terrified to death of something happening like it did when I had a concussion and saying things without really being able to control it. It's a good thing I can't remember what I said because I'm sure I'd be crawling away under the bed in shame...
Random facts: I am Roman Catholic. I was in the CYO. I was Audrey's seargent-at-arms in the CYO.

In Pace Christi,


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