Monday, September 19, 2011

Okay, Overload is Beginning to Set In Now...

I'm taking 19 hours of classes.

Yep, I get that reaction from everyone. Even grown-ups. It's not encouraging.

Overload may be beginning to sink in.

It's history that's the breaking point. Doing a research paper for history as well as English stinks. The more so as I know what I would like to do for English but not for history other than "The Epic of Gilgamesh proves that a long time ago in the Middle East they were beating each other up and picking leaders based on apparent strength, much like they do today". GAAAAAAH. I actually have a Calculus test tomorrow and I'm not worried in the least about it. It's derivatives and I like derivatives. Calculus homework, however, decided not to agree with me today...

I wised up and brought a coat with me to the meat locker (a.k.a. language lab) today. You can watch Turkish TV in there. No kidding. At least according to the paper taped to the wall. I am also officially angry at the Coke machine in Wesleyan. It took my quarters and it didn't give me my Coke. However, I had Elaine's chocolate chip cookies with me so shortly after I was again happy with the world. (She baked 60 yesterday. We ate approximately 48 of them before they could even cool. She makes wonderful cookies. We got the recipe from a cousin, who also makes wonderful cookies. Cookies solve all your problems except for weight loss.)

To the lobby fixtures/people who hang out in the lobby of Lafayette and talk, if my piano playing disrupts you, just come right out and tell me! I am magnetically attracted to pianos and if there is one in the room I will immediately go over and begin touching it. After 12 years of lessons, it's instinct. At the very least I hope my music selections are pleasant. Someone seems to like 'Linus and Lucy' and I KNOW everyone likes Fuer Elise... It's quite the crowd-pleaser. Heh, heh. No one looks up when I play 'The Prayer', but you will be FORCED to look up when I play 'The Imperial March' (a.k.a. Darth Vader's Theme). Pun intended.

Right now I should really be doing homework... No one else seems compelled to update their blog as frequently as I do. But, then, I don't check out other people's blogs that much, so what do I know...

I promise, I really do intend to get pictures up on my blog sometime in the relatively near future! It just hasn't happened yet. Ich habe keine Zeit!!!!

In Pace Christi,


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