Monday, October 3, 2011


NO! I'm not supposed to get another paper assigned the day before the Son of Neptune comes out! That's just wrong, so wrong.

And you were one of my favorite teachers, Dr. Bibbee! Why, oh, why???


Well, I had better start at the beginning. Last Friday was quite nice. For once, we had a totally random start to Chemistry (it is NEVER random in Chemistry), in which several students tried 'bargaining' over OWL problems. Needless to say, that didn't work. One girl asked if Dr. Diaz would give us more extra-credit problems on OWL.
"When you're not even doing the assigned problems?" he asked. He then made the mistake of asking if there were any other questions.
Some guy immediately fired off: "Are you going for Alabama or Florida?"
Dr. Diaz was not hesitant to reply with: "Neither. If there was a way for both of them to lose, I would pick that."
Someone groaned, "Can I change classes?" while another asked him, "Did you go to Auburn?"
"No. I went to North Carolina," Dr. Diaz told them.
"I feel sorry for you," someone commented.

Yep, randomest opening to Chemistry ever.

I spent Saturday down at the park/picnic grounds for Oktoberfest. I was there for a long time on Saturday. We went down around 10 because my little brother was having an absolute duckfit to go down there so he wouldn't miss the pedal tractor pull. Telling him that it started at 12:30 had no effect whatsoever. He can be pretty single-minded sometimes, to put it mildly. And he doesn't mind driving the rest of us nuts, either. So we went down there and then looked around (he changed his mind about what he wanted to see every five minutes and then my other brother wanted to go off by himself and then refused to do so when encouraged). Gah. Boys. I never look at the old cars. It's not my thing. But they did have a wooden, horse-drawn hearse from the late 1700's. It was in AWESOME condition to be that old.

I also went up to the Buffler house and looked around there for a while... My uncle (well, one of my uncles) was in there swapping stories with some others about the trouble the kids got into at St. Michael's School when it was still around (Riverhill's there now), including one about a boy's foot going through the ceiling... :)

My little brother got third place in his pedal tractor age division, by the way. One of my cousins also placed, but I can't remember if he got second or first place in the 11-12 years division.

On Sunday I helped Amy work the drink stand in the Meat Stand (nobody knows what those two buildings are. It's the Meat Stand and the Bingo Stand. See? Not that hard.). It was all right for the first hour or so but after one it got busy. We learned firsthand that when the coke dispeners run out of coke they tend to spew everywhere. Ask Amy. She got hit by the Coke... and then by the Sprite. No, Amy was not happy at all about that...

I'm on the verge of a second minor meltdown. I can't figure out how to get critical numbers in my math homework, I hate Quia (and Tell Me More), I hate OWL and have to do a bunch of it, I have to finish the rough draft for my original history paper and then schedule a second visit to the writing center so I can get it out of the way so I can work on my English paper (which I have done approximately zero on) AND now on top of that Dr. Bibbee has told us to research either Athens or Sparta and then presumably write a paper on which one we think is best and why for Monday. GAAAAAAH!

By the way, did you know Sparta had a dual monarchy? No, I didn't either. The Agiads and the Eurypontids.

I hope I don't have to do anything for English tomorrow. I'll have two new books and won't be in the mood for doing much homework. If I'm sitting there in Forum tomorrow before the speaker gets there with a thick book open on the desk before me and reading it with an odd mixture of glee and desperation probably amounting to insanity on my face... yeah. That's normal. I'm going to be like a squirrel on caffeine when I get my hands on the Son of Neptune...

In Pace Christi,


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