Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Now For a Sensible Post...

Okay. This post, I promise, will be coherent. As a matter of fact, I DID make it to Chemistry Lab, and I didn't make anything explode, so it was probably a success.
College makes life complicated.

All right, so I had better get a few things out of the way before I attempt any serious articles.

Firstly, I have never kept a blog before! So I naturally do not know how to write blogs. This will probably end up something along the lines of a demented, rambling monologue, and I shall be very much surprised if anyone really wants to read it. Especially other freshmen who are not clueless. (I am clueless! I'm the girl who walks into Lafayette Hall, turns right, realizes I've gone the wrong way, does an about-face, and goes down the left corridor, only to walk right past what I was looking for.)

Secondly, I am eccentric. And erudite. That means well-read. I think. (Go look it up in the dictionary and prove me wrong, if you are so inclined.) I am told I use a lot of big words, although I may not always think that I am. Must come from having read everything in the library worth reading, and a lot of what isn't...

Thirdly, I am a freshman enrolled at the University of North Alabama, and their Honors Program, to be precise. The Honors Forum insists that I keep a blog. This is that blog. Everyone else will probably have pretty blogs with pictures and thoughtful articles... Anyway, so that is where the 'freshman' part of 'Clueless Freshman' comes from. As for 'clueless', well... I tend to stay that way. I'm the last one in my family to know anything.

Well, hopefully this has been a sensible post. I leave now to do a little homework, settle a squabble among my siblings that promises to get a tad violent, and then return to publish another post on this blog that hopefully will address what was spoken about at the last Honors Forum.

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