Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Why Are All My Fandoms Like This?

| So, how's your fandom doing?

Why is it that so many of my favorite characters go evil and/or die? Honestly.

The only character I liked in the Inheritance Cycle (a set of books I do not much like in general) was Murtagh, and in the second book Christopher Paolini promptly 'killed' him, and then resurrected him near the end of the book as a villain.

I could give more examples...

Theoden. Boromir. Cannot muster much compassion for Denethor, however.

Mitchell. Being Human. Bonus points for having been evil (ish), relapsing, and dying.

Sherlock. 'Dead'. On the side of the angels, not one of them.

Jackman. Jekyll. Hilarious to wach as Hyde (who knew Ridiculously Muderous Bofur had such style?), dies via hundreds of bullets. Mercifully leaves Jackman (the Jekyll to his Hyde) alive.

PERCY JACKSON. Rick Riordan is so evil. Let's see... He killed Beckendorf, Silena, Michael Yew (he appeared for probably all of three chapters and I loved him), Bianca, etc., and bids far to kill more. Also, he mercilessly torments Percy and Annabeth. I expect bad news on that front come October with The House of Hades. I really do.

And then there are the fandoms that are very lonely... I have no one to share them with. That doesn't mean they don't have their share of pain, however.

Why do authors do this to us? I like writing happy stores myself!

In Pace Christi,


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