Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Captain America? Look Again

Courtesy of Tumblr, of course.

| remember that time Captain America went on a double date with Clara Oswald

| then chased down Thorin Oakenshield

for killing Caesar Flickerman

| and ended up fighting Elrond and Dobby

| who had started everything by killing Argus Filch

| | the nerd is strong with this post

I now dare you to go back and rewatch Captain America: The First Avenger with all of this in mind. I think it will result in some Minds Blown. I am already a terrible person to watch the movie with, since the whole scene involving Heinz Kruger I am yelling, "Go, Nazi guy!" and in general being a RA fangirl and devoted member of the Armitage Army instead of cheering on Stever Rogers.

Why must you play the villains, Mr. Armitage? It places us fangirls who try to be sane in such a dilemma!

Of course, Elrond is also evil in that movie, but he is for some reason easier to watch. Dunno why. Maybe he's just a really entertaining villain.

Oh, and I am reminded that I legitimately saw the surname Erskine yesterday. I think it was on the building of a law practice firm. Still, I pointed it out and said, "Hey, it's like the doctor in Captain America!" My family ignored me, as was only proper.

In Pace Christi,


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