Monday, July 8, 2013

Some Stuff I've Found

Tumblr: "You know what would be hilarious? If we tell Dean we're doing the informal fun shots, but tell Aidan that we're doing the dramatic, serious ones. That would be just hilarious."

And right about ... now ... this post is going to devolve into RA Appreciation. Because it is always worth it.

[Bilbo's] the beating heart of the story that you want to protect and you want to make sure survives. Thorin is the soul, really. He’s the experience, he’s the spirit of the dwarves and their kingdom and this whole bowl that holds the heart in their hands. And that’s how I see it. And they sit in harmony with each other, I think, and are changed by each other. - Richard Armitage

| I hereby challenge the entire Internet to find someone with more Thorin Oakenshield feelings than Richard Armitage.

On "Misty Mountains":

It was a cradle song that Thorin may have sung to his young nephews to say, look, we must never forget what happened. - Richard Armitage

“The last day on set was actually a pickup we were doing to complete the end of the first film, so all of the dwarfs were gathered, and we were looking — I don’t know if I can say actually, because it might spoil the ending of the first film, but we were all together, and with such hope. And then it was brilliant, because on the last take, we had a little whisper around the company that we were all going to crash in and give Martin a big group hug. So on the very last take, we all kind of ran and put our arms around Martin, and then Pete ran up onto the set and put his arms around Martin. It was a great moment, and it was moving.”

- Richard Armitage talks about the last day on set

Me: D'awwwwwww...

… Tolkien’s own misadventures with his first automobile, purchased in 1932, were the source of some of Mr. Bliss’s escapades. Tolkien was known to accelerate across busy intersections crying out ‘Charge ‘em and they scatter!’ and once knocked down a stone wall during a family vacation.

| I give you John 'Road Rage' Tolkien

| Reaction to angry Gandalf

| | I just love how Bilbo's all, "Woah," and Thorin's, "Huh, look at that. That's different."

I had never noticed this before, but now that I have I will crack up inappropriately every time I see this while watching AUJ. Lol.

Within the first ten minutes of the trailer’s release, GIFS WERE MADE AVAILABLE ON TUMBLR

Within an hour of the trailer’s release, GIFS OF ART BASED ON THE TRAILER WERE POSTED TO TUMBLR

Within six hours of the trailer’s release, ORLANDO BLOOM, EVANGELINE LILY, AND LEE PACE, AKA THE ELVES OF MIRKWOOD, post a video of themselves reacting to a fanmade reaction video created in response to the trailer

this is the fandom to which I belong

Really cool collages, these. Would the technical word be collages? Dunno. Saruman/Sir Christopher Lee with the Ring there is a nice touch. The pic of RA is quite nice.

"Could you please explain to us what your son is doing over there, King Thranduil?"
I'll probably be back soon. With more. Goodness, this is why I need to stay off the Internet.

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  1. I just adore what Thranduil is wearing in the last GIF! What a lovely color!! I now...need that outfit...