Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Minor RA Tribute

Because I need no excuse. You should expect no excuse from me. Because I will give none.

This could NOT not be reblogged. Seriously. It's Richard Armitage in a kilt, people! I don't know whether to fall over laughing hysterically or what.

How does this man make even kilts look majestic???

Oh, wait. I forgot.

...Sometimes I need to be reminded... Ahem.

I don't know whether to fall over cackling with hysterical laughter over the nerdiness of his glasses here (and nerdiness is a good thing in my books, don't get me wrong), or to go, "Awww..." and save this picture.

What the heck. It's being saved.

Also, I would like to bring in this excerpt from an interview:

[Armitage is cut off when the phone in the hotel room where we are conducting the interview rings, interrupting us.]

INTERVIEWER: Do you need to answer that?

RICHARD: Maybe I should. It’s Sauron. You can tell by his ring.

Richard Armitage, ladies and gentlemen.

In Pace Christi,


1 comment:

  1. Yes...he can make even kilts look majestic...strange...

    Is that fanart? Because that is awesome.

    I absolutely adore the one with the glasses. Adorable.