Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Clucks In the Deep

| We know you have treats!

| | They have taken the yard... and the second coop. We have tossed the treats, but cannot appease them for long. Clucks... clucks in the deep. We cannot get out. The flock moves in the grass...

| | We cannot get out...


Okay, that was so funny I had to reblog it. There was no way I could not. However, living on a farm as I do, I know firsthand that chickens are extremely vicious, selfish, and extremely omnivorous - they are happily cannibalistic if given the chance. (A lot of farm animals are a lot less cute and tame than most people would expect of the fluffy, smiling critters in their storybooks.)

I used to have an ongoing rivalry with a rooster known simply as Evil Rooster. He attacked me - or tried to attack me - on sight. He even had the evil intelligence to realize when I was riding my horse that that was me, and chase the horse accordingly, when he never did so at any other time. I nearly killed him once by whacking him with a feed shovel. Unfortunately, after a few twitches, he got back to his feet, staggered around for a bit, and continued on with life. We think a coyote ultimately got him, though.

Good riddance.

In Pace Christi,


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