Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bofur Optimism Master Post

So I pulled out my TH: AUJ DVD again today and took screencaps. I also watched Goblintown frame by frame, and still cannot figure out where the Dwarves get split up. It also happens twice, unless some shots are out of order. Dunno.

I also find it frustrating that Fili is constantly next to Thorin, Kili, and/or Gandalf, and yet the camera never focuses on him. The next time someone on asks, "What would you like to see in AUJ EE?" I will answer, "More Fili." And then I will pause and add, "Bombur, to be fair."

Anyway, this post marks the return of my very own Bofur Optimism meme, newly reformatted. It will also be accompanied by the Dori Pessimism meme, and a few others that are not really memes (actually, mine cannot be memes, as they have not undergone memetic mutation, but what else should I call them?).

Without further ado:


*Whew*! I had no idea I had 22 of them. Goondess. What I am doing in my spare time...

Enjoy, or something.

In Pace Christi,


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