Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Couple of Annoyances

I was out of town over the 4th, so saying, "Happy Fourth of July!" today would be a bit behind. However, the sentiments are extended anyways. I hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July.

Chills every time. We were so excited to here it down there where we were over the 4th. We were jumping up and down, going, "It' Celtic Woman! It's Celtic Woman! They finally discovered Celtic Woman!" Haha. I have been to two of their concerts and all I can say is that are some incredibly talented ladies.

Lynn and Alex have left, though. Sad face. I liked Lynn.

So obviously all that was not annoying. It was very wonderful.

One of the annoying parts was some Northern guys were complaining about us Southerners and our accents. First dude: "My company is based in Texas and when they call all the time it's like, 'Y'all this,' and 'Y'all,' that." Second dude: "Southern people are so lazy. It's 'You all', already."

Me: "Dad, can I borrow an umbrella to go smack that guy?"

(It was raining again. That is why we had umbrellas with us, so explaining my desire to smack said guy with an umbrella.)

I mean... really. You hate our accent that much? Do you have no concept of dialect and regional pronunciation? I mean... to us, Northerners talk so fast we can barely understand them. I'd like to say, "Hey, wait a minute, slow down, man. I can barely tell what you're saying. Do not be so hasty." Either that, or start quoting the band Alabama at them: "I'm in a hurry to get things dont/ Don't know why/ Rushing, rushing but that's no fun/ All I really gotta do is live and die/ But I'm in a hurry and don't know why."

So we might complain about not being able to understand Northerners, sure. But only when they come down here and start trying to tell us how to talk. We don't go up north (it's too cold up there, for one reason) and start trying to 'correct' their speech! Seriously, people. If you can't accept our accents, no wonder nobody can get along with anybody.

So that was Annoyance #1.

Annoyance #2 was opening up the paper this morning and seeing some pastor from a Church of Christ with a 1/4 a page ad basically flaming the Church for being so unbiblical as to call St. Peter the first Pope. (I was honestly surprised he capitalized 'Pope'. Not even all Catholics do that. I do it to show respect for his office. Also, I just like capital letters, partly because I take offense at modern society's hatred of capital letters. Seriously... go look at some ads. They either have no capital letters or went into CAPSLOCK mode. Gah.) The pastor seemed to think that if something is not mentioned in the Bible it cannot exist. It makes me think of some Pharisees durning the 1st century AD or so - possibly a bit earlier than that - who literally believed that if something were not mentioned in Sacred Scriptures it could not exist. Therefore, they believed that since Melchizedek's parentage was not mentioned and that his death was never mentioned, he had no parents and never died.

Yes, really.

It's just... gah. Do Catholics take out ads in the paper and publish sermons about why Protestants are wrong? No! I have never seen such a thing. Yet letters to the editor continually attack our beliefs and condemn us to Hell for worshipping statues (do not worry, we do not do this), worshipping Mary (we also do not do this - Greek gives us three terms here: latria, or the worship reserved exclusively to God; dulia, or the honor given to saints and holy people; and hyperdulia, or the great honor given to Mary as the Mother of God), etc., etc., etc.

Sometimes a good headbang seems the only appropriate response.

On that note, Catholic Memes has some nice stuff lately:


In Pace Christi,


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