Thursday, November 14, 2013

Let's Not Forget The Other Dwarves, Now

Because I think everyone needs to see dancing Nori.

With bonus Peter Jackson apparently thinking, "I don't want to know what they're doing behind my back, do I?"

More Nori dancing:

Also, dancing with Nori and Bifur:

And now, for Bombur dancing (sort of):

And now for Dean O'Gorman and someone who I presume is Stephen Hunter (Bombur)... sitting in an airplane or a bus, I'm not sure which. Probably a bus. Airplanes do not have windows that big, generally.

Also, Dwarves having too much fun in the Pelorus River filming the barrel sequence:

Bofur seems to have liked it:

Bofur in Laketown (I'm betting you anything they stay with Bard's family, and that will be hilarious since Bard's daughters are played by James Nesbitt's daughters... the potential!):

Bofur's ability to hang on to his hat and scarf is truly phenomenal. I'm wondering if he uses superglue... Nope, wait a moment. I think when Bilbo opens the door to the group of Dwarves at Bag End Bofur is in the front and falls flat at Bilbo's feet. I think his hat might actually come off there. Must check for it the next time I watch AUJ.

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