Friday, November 8, 2013

Not At All Sorry For The Hobbit Spam

Looks like Bilbo with the map on the side of the Lonely Mountain. Can't wait to see the secret door!

It's Bard the Bowman and his kids (what happened to Mrs. Bard? Is she dead?). The boy is named Bain, and is canonically mentioned in LOTR/Appendices as having succeeded his father. The two girls, however, are thrown in for cinematic purposes. I don't mind, however, since I always figure that there must have been more children than just the lone son and heir. Plus, coming from a larger family myself, I always think that only children must get so lonely without siblings.

Although, that being said, siblings can also drive you crazy... Even so, wouldn't trade 'em for the world.

Bonus points: Bard's daughters are played by James Nesbitt/Bofur's girls. They look amazingly similar, don't they? (To each other, not to him necessarily.) It will be very funny if they run into Bofur in the movie... XD

I can't remember if I've posted this before or not. If I have, too bad. Here's Kili in Beorn's house or Laketown, one of the two. He appears to be giving someone a rather annoyed look. Not sure why. Guess we'll find out!

Is that Dale in ruins? Ahh, Thorin, what are you doing, wandering around in the snow dressed like that? Gloves or something would be of great use here. (I realize it's probably just a set picture, but even so...) Then again, maybe Dwarves are just naturally resistant to cold and heat. It makes enough sense.

On a completely different note, the red does look quite nice on Thorin, although I miss the blue coat. ;)

Five weeks exactly now, people!!!

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