Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Few More Posters

Because I'll blog 'em as long as the advertising team keeps 'em coming. These have been out for a while, so I just picked my favorites out of this set. (Yes, this was the set with the horribly photoshopped Bilbo, so I'm not discriminating against our favorite hobbit here. Just against the photoshopping.)

It's pretty much the same as the French poster, but with a different background. After all, there's only so many different poses of Gandalf with a sword that you can do.

Has anyone done a meme of, "The majesty is over 9000"? If not, someone needs to do it. Because reasons. Reasons of majesty.

And now, for a bonus, two more promotional images, one of majesty and the other of fabulousness (ahahaha):

We actually get to see more of Thranduil's clothes here. I like this pose much better over the one that seems to dominate marketing. Here he looks more real, more dangerous, more Elven... more Thranduil, I guess, than the old image that's being used everywhere. Also, since I can't take the fabulous part of him seriously (*snerks*), my reaction to this image was more along the lines of, "Wow, cool!" than hysterical laughter.

I do try to collapse into hysterical laughter more often than not. It helps keep the shameless fangirling away. I am still, after all, on my crusade to be a sane fangirl, even if DoS is doing its level best to beat sanity and patience both out of me.


In Pace Christi,


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