Tuesday, November 26, 2013

GKC + Tolkien = Win

Two of my top three favorite authors combined! How could this get any more awesome?

Come to think of it, G. K. Chesterton does show up in Toward the Gleam, a book that takes the, "What if Tolkien really did find a copy of the Red Book and translated LOTR, and there was someone out to get it from him?" approach. The book is all sorts of awesome, and it's fun guessing at who the famous people are when you don't have their last names to work with. Gilbert was a bit of a giveaway, though (and I was so glad to see him). Jack was C. S. Lewis, of course. Yeah, it was awesome.

The animated version of The Hobbit is considered by some to be the best adaptation of it. Obviously, I am not one of those people. I think, were I to watch it all the way through again (I saw it once in like... third grade), it would give me nightmares. I'm not fond of their animation decisions, and the Dwarves are... well...

Um, you just go look it up yourself. Yikes.

Fun fact: The animation studio that did it was later re-named Studio Ghibli. Yes, that Ghibli.

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