Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fullmetal Feels

Brought to you by gifs. Let the silliness abound!

I love how Hayate keeps getting repeatedly drowned and Riza's just sitting there cleaning her gun (no relation to the fact that Ed is drowning her dog in coffee) with her expression not varying in the least.

Context: Riza just said, "You love Winry, don't you?" So, yeah, Ed's reaction... Poor Hayate.

Lan Fan just looks so surprised at getting booted out the door. Meanwhile, Ling has his arms folded in his sleeves and a chicken bone still hanging out his mouth. He's such a big eater that was his way of proving he was the real Ling in the next volume of the manga: "Wait a moment. How can I be sure you're the real Ling?" "Would you like me to recite the entire room service menu from that hotel at which you were staying?"

When I first joined this fandom, I was like, "What's the big deal about Ling?" Now that I've started that part of the manga, I can assure you I was like, "Ohhhhh. So that's the deal with Ling."

I do love Jean Havoc. Don't worry, he's not generally as silly as this gif would have you believe. (I wonder what's going on here...) He's actually quite awesome. Sadly, the last I've seen of him in the manga so far is when he gets paralyzed by Lust, so that's not fun. :(

His best line so far was probably when he first saw sweet, pretty Katherine Armstrong: "I can hardly believe she's the major's sister!" Then she picks up a piano with one hand. "I change my mind! She's totally the major's sister!"

The major, by the way, is this guy:

For some reason, he just really likes ripping off his jacket and showing off how awesomely muscular he is. Nobody else is fond of this. To paraphrase Sergeant Brosch: "Please don't tell the major! He'll take off his shirt and lecture us again!"

Okay, this is actually a genuinely sad gif of Roy at his best friend's funeral. Poor Hughes... I loved him SO MUCH. He threw knives like nobody's business, was incredibly smart, and yet still was such a family man who annoyed Roy all the time by calling him just to brag about his daughter that you couldn't help but love him.

I think everybody in the fandom cries when Hughes dies. It's just part of the fandom. Like with Nina. *sobs*

And now just a gif of Roy being generally awesome. You don't want to be in the way when he snaps his fingers... Any man who can tell if he blew you to bits or incinerated you by the taste of fat in the air is not a guy to mess with.

Then again, he's also one of the most moral characters in the story. He wants to become the Fuhrer President... so he can ensure nothing like the Ishbal Massacre happens again. He wants to remove military protection from war criminals... even if it means suffering the consequences himself. He does his best to protect the men under his command... even if, from a pragmatic standpoint, he really shouldn't. All those dates he goes on? That's his information network.

Roy Mustang for the win!

Ed seems a little frustrated...

One sparkling state alchemist and one bonus little brother in armor waving fans in the wings... ahahaha. Can't beat FMA for taking you from tears to gasps to laughs all in a few pages.

I just like that picture, okay?

I must hang on to this picture. This picture is proof that everything in FMA will turn out okay in the end. Sure, Hohenheim may be crying in the picture of his family because Trisha just told him she'll always love him and that he should remain a part of the family, but the really touching image is the bottom one.

I mean, just look at them! Al is back to normal. Look, he's still taller than Ed! And it seems he and May Chang are a thing now, or she and her panda wouldn't be in the family picture. Ed and Winry have two adorable children... and the little boy looks just like him, lol. But the best part is that huge, dorky grin on Ed's face. I'm only about halfway through the manga and everything's going to go to hell in a handbasket, I know, but that grin says that everything will turn out fine in the end.

I must save this picture... It makes me feel content and happy deep inside. It is a promise fulfilled.

I must save that picture...

In Pace Christi,


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