Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Loveable Dorks

The good thing about the AUJ EE, even if I do not get a physical copy of it until 2015 or whenever in the SEE, is that it has a lot of bonus material. And people take screencaps and make gifs of this bonus material. And I can find their gifs and screencaps and blog them.

Today: Aidan and Dean being their usual loveable, adorkable selves. For some reason, I have gifs of Dean and pictures of Aidan. Go figure.

Do they ever think before they make these facial expressions? Because you have to wonder sometimes...

I really want to know now what he's saying here, because that grin and nod just has mischief written all over. I still cling firmly to the belief that Fili instigates a lot of the trouble that Kili gets in trouble for. Hey, canonically, in The Unfinished Tales' "Quest for Erebor" Fili is the one to make fun of Bilbo's name when Gandalf tells the Dwarves he's found them a burglar. And so my idea is that Fili told Kili the hobbit's name was, "Mr. Boggins."

Headcanons. I've got a lot of 'em.

I'm... not real sure what they're doing here. Aidan's walking along like, "I'm cool," or, "Just chillin'," or, "Peace," or I'm not sure what. And behind him Dean's just walking along like he owns the place. I'm sure that Graham is not impressed with their antics. He does 'Grumpy Uncle Dwalin' very well, in my opinion. XD You know he had to have had a hand in training them and is actually quite fond of them underneath his gruff exterior.

I mean, just look at the way he groans, "Oh, you great galumphing git," when Fili walks across Bilbo's table. Dwarf families. Gotta love 'em.

I have a similar screencap, but this one's funnier, since his eyes are closed in it. XD Randomly pausing a DVD is always good for a few laughs.

The barrettes make me laugh every time. XD Reblog all the barrettes!

Bad hair day for Aidan, although he doesn't seem bothered by it. Happy Kili is happy. :)

On the other hand, adorable Fili is adorable. Can I just keep this gif on repeat at all times on my computer? Because reasons of Fili. Blond guys for the win.

Aidan, what are you doing? Kili and Fili are obviously having too much fun flying on a giant green-screen eagle... which is what they were doing in this screencap. Huh. What gave Fili those scratches? I suppose something must have nicked him when he, Kili, and Dwalin came to Thorin's defense there at the end. Wish I had been able to see it, though.


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  1. Love these guys!!! :) Dean being more than Aidan...though I don't know why. They are adorable. :D