Thursday, October 3, 2013

Please Heed This Warning

This warning is always valid. Also, for your safety, please watch out for her smaller but equally evil offspring living in Mirkwood.

In other news, some guy in New York City seriously makes these fake warning signs about Middle-earth and puts them up in the subway. Notice the Cirth and Tengwar writing systems at the bottom of the 'warning'. Futhork runes may also be in there somewhere. I'm not sure with this resolution.

I have my own runic writing system for my fantasy world memorized, but I don't have any of Tolkien's. The Tengwar just confused me, and to add to the confusion there are about three or four different modes of using it. The Cirth is slightly less confusing. Slightly.

I even used the chart in the back of The Return of the King to try and figure out what the Cirth runes in the LEGO Moria set said, but they didn't even form coherent words. I was so disappointed.

Ah, well.

In Pace Christi,


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