Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guess Who's Feast Day Today Is!

Blessed Pope John Paul is due to be canonized next year. No, it will not set any speed records; St. Anthony of Padua wins that award.

In honor of JP2, more Catholic anime shall be posted. I consider this a good habit.

I have two of Father Amorth's books. They are real eye-openers. Nowadays we blind ourselves so often to the reality of evil and the evil spirits out there. To quote Gandalf from the most recent Hobbit trailer: "We have been blind. And in our blindness, our enemy has returned."

When the Pope takes a selfie and I haven't (okay, it isn't his phone), that's saying something. I'm not sure what it's saying, but it's saying something.

Note to self: after I finish Fullmetal Alchemist, I'm checking out Attack on Titan. It looks interesting.

In Pace Christi,


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