Saturday, October 12, 2013


With Fullmetal Alchemist, you're either laughing your head off or wanting to tear your hair out. Sometimes both at the same time. Episode 13 takes the cake, though. Watch it. WATCH IT. You will not be sorry you did. I cackled like a madwoman through the whole thing.

Unfortunately, it's the sub. I can't find the English dub of the first anime anywhere past episode 5. Sad face. I really want to hear Travis Willingham do the infamous 'miniskirts' line. Instead, I just get it in Japanese.

Oh, and it has the, "I love dogs!" line, too. Yep, they're all in this one episode. Seriously, it has to be the funniest episode of all time.

Riza Hawkeye also wins at life. I love her method of housebreaking for her new dog... lol. I also love the fact that she shot six times by the audio, but seven bullet holes appeared in the wall. She must have secret alchemical powers...

And Maes Hughes. Anything with Maes Hughes being an overly sharing proud papa. XD He is hysterical.

Between Edward (the ONLY Team Edward you ever need to join), Roy, and Hughes, what's not to like? XD

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