Friday, October 18, 2013


It's in German, though. That is fine by me, but unfortunate for the rest of you. XP Sorry, losers.

Nah, okay, I'll give some rough translations of the new dialogue. Gandalf asks Bilbo, "What does it feel like?" and Bilbo responds, "It feels like... it feels like magic." At this point, the area behind them resembles the passageway to Rivendell, so I think it's a nod to the book where Bilbo thinks, "Hmm! It smells like Elves!"

The Goblin King inspects an Elven silver candlestick Nori filched, and says something along the lines of, "Second Age Elvish make. Totally worthless." *chunks it*

Elrond says to Bilbo, "I have heard that Hobbits are a resilient people." And Bilbo quotes LOTR: "And I have also heard, go not to the Elves for counsel for they will say both no and yes."

At the end, beginning with a voiceover, Bilbo says, "I'm not a hero or a warrior." Then it cuts to a line from Gandalf earlier saying, "That remains to be seen."

Did anyone notice the part where Bofur is dancing in Rivendell and Bombur is throwing food at him, though?? Looks like Dwalin might also be about to toss something as well.


Not sure what Elrond thinks of this fiasco. But, more importantly... LOOK AT THORIN. He's on the far right. And is he... is he tapping his foot? Is he approving of all this??? Granted, it annoys the Elves, but... THORIN? Implicitly approving of a Dwarven food fight?


...I think my opinion of Thorin has changed again. Did NOT see this one coming. O.o.

Also... where Bofur is dancing, that's where Frodo will put the Ring 60-ish years later during the Council of Elrond. There. Now your minds are blown even further. XD

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