Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boromir Speaks the Truth!

This has been scientifically proven to be impossible. Of course, it's cheese. Who can resist? Not even when the Auditors of Reality describe it as 'rotted bovine lactation' in Discworld does its appeal abate.

Praise cheese!


In Boromir's world, nothing is simply done. Cue the song of, "It simply isn't done, it simply isn't doooone, it simply isn't done," from Cinderella 2.

I now must take one of my Gandalf minifigures and place it in the hallway. My main concern, however, is that someone will not notice him and step on him. My concern in such an occurrence, however incongruous, is for the harm that might befall LEGO Gandalf and not for the harm that might befall said careless person's foot, although I know firsthand how painful stepping on a small hard plastic object can be.

Fortunately, I have several LEGO Gandalfs.

Oh, yes. Most certainly, precious. I am so very happy when someone gets the joke I made. The other day in lab we were watching our compounds boil for an hour and a half. To alleviate the boredom, I randomly stated, "My bubbles." So happy to have that quote from Finding Nemo recognized and appreciated!

It's also good to have occasions in which to make fandom references! XD

Are they ever! XD Table manners and Elves are so last year. Wait... is that Ori holding a knife? Or is that Kili? Scary circumstance in either case. The silly boys... the precious noodles have obviously never been away from home before. Sometimes you think they still need their mother to look after them...

Cannot wait for the epic food fight and Bofur's song and dance in Rivendell!

If only we had more used bookstores around here. *sigh* The subject reminds me of a Terry Pratchett quote: "Used bookstores are just genteel black holes that know how to read." There's also the theory of L-space, but I shall not expound on that here. XD It's for your own sanity.

Beautiful illustration by Ted Nasmith. I don't always love the guy's Tolkien artwork, but this one is simply lovely. I also love the quote, spoken by Elrond at the Grey Havens in ROTK.

Speaking of which...

Where I found this picture, someone had commented: People hate Elrond?! My comment is along the lines of: How can you possibly hate Elrond? He's amazing, and for many reasons. Let's take a look.

If all you value about characters is their ability to kick butt, Elrond is no slouch in this department. Let's just peek at his genealogy, shall we? His mother's father's mother was a demigoddess (half-Maia, if you prefer.) His father is Earendil. Earendil killed SHELOB'S MOTHER, also known as Ungoliant, the monstrous spider Radagast refers to in TH:AUJ ("It's the spiders, Gandalf." "Spiders?" "Some kind of spawn of Ungoliant, or I am no wizard."). Earendil also killed the biggest dragon to ever live, Ancalagon the Black. And THEN Earendil became the Morning Star. And Earendil's family on both his father's and his mother's side is composed of pure awesomeness.

You see Gandalf's sword? That belonged to Elrond's great-grandfather, Turgon, King of Gondolin.

Now, if your beef with Elrond is the fact that he's 'mean' to Aragorn and Arwen, you obviously haven't read The Silmarillion. When Beren, a mortal man, wishes to marry Luthien, an Elven-Maia princess (yes, the demigoddess ancestress referred to earlier), her father, King Thingol, demanded that Beren steal a Silmaril as the bride-price. For a little context: the three Silmarils had been stolen by Morgoth, a.k.a., the Satan of Middle-earth, and he continually wore them on his crown so that no one would ever be able to recover them. Thingol basically signed Beren's death warrant in the most painful, humiliating way with that. (Of course, Beren, Luthien, and their talking dog go on to win a Silmaril and beat up Sauron himself, but whatever.)

Elrond, on the other hand, has been fostering the young chieftains of the Dunedain for generations. He treats Aragorn like a son; in fact, at one point in the LOTR Appendices, long before Aragorn and Arwen actually marry, he does call Aragorn 'my son'. When he learns Aragorn wishes to marry Arwen, all he basically says is that, "Go and prove that you are worthy enough to marry her by becoming King of Gondor and Arnor." Aragorn was already (mostly) the legal heir to both positions (it's a long story) and wanted to do this anyway. It wasn't a death sentence, just more of, "I want to make sure my daughter is taken care of properly when I leave."

I'm not sure why else people would have a problem with Elrond. Maybe they don't like his eyebrows. I dunno. Apparently, ugly people must be evil and his eyebrows give him a sinister appearance. To counteract that, I submit Elrond in armor.

Exhibit I:

Exhibit II:


I mean, really...


J. R. R. Tolkien is one of the least-appreciated Catholic philosophers, I sometimes think. His Catholicism is very much underappreciated. It needs to be spread and appreciated. Such greatness could have only come from the wealth of truth and beauty that is our Catholic faith.

In Pace Christi,


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