Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DoS Trailer Screenshots

A mere hour after the trailer came out, screenshots were available.

The trailer was being discussed far and wide.

Analyses were drawn up. Potential timelines have been made. Speculations have been passed around like hot tamales. The trailer has been watched frame by frame to pick up on all the little details.

Likely, if I were to go look on Tumblr now, I would find gifs. I would find artwork. I would find gifs of the artwork.


(From left to right: Richard Armitage/Thorin, Graham McTavish/Dwalin, William Kircher/Bifur, Jed Brophy/Nory, Mark Hadlow/Dori, James Nesbitt/Bofur. I especially like the glare Graham gives the camera. He's Dwalin, sure enough!)

Anyway, on to the lovely screenshots. No doubt, tomorrow there'll be plenty more on TOR.net, but for now, this is what I have:

(Oh, you want a link? Here's a link: http://www.framecaplib.com/lotrlib/html/episodes/indices/hbttrail/thumb09.htm Have fun! The screencaps from this trailer begin at the bottom and continue on into the next sections.)

Bard the Bowman, doing his epic thing. I particularly like his arrows - the centers have been hollowed out in a fashion reminiscent of the pommel of Aragorn's sword, Anduril. Who is the real Aragorn figure here - Thorin or Bard? You decide.

Guess who showed up for a brief moment just after Gandalf's epic ninja twirl with his staff? Plus, the flames around the Eye look like the writing on the Ring - awesome.

I dunno, I just liked the way Legolas's face softened here. And I'm not a Legoriel (as it has already been dubbed) shipper. I'm perfectly happy with them being good friends. (WHY must there always be a romance???!!)

Our king, people. Or, should I say, 'ladies'? XD

His Majesty looks quite good in red. I wasn't wild about it at first, since I loved his beautiful, beautiful royal blue so much. However, I'm changing my mind about that.

I also notice Bilbo has switched to blue. Hmm. Bilbo was a bit excitable in AUJ and wore red; Thorin was always serious and wore blue. Red Oni, Blue Oni. Even without prior knowledge of the book, I might have guessed that Bilbo's going to start taking over as the serious, responsible leader and Thorin will... well... going back to Erebor, facing the dragon that destroyed his home, and encountering all that gold that so drove his grandfather mad... it mightn't be pretty.

...uh-oh. And it looks like it's already started.

*pauses to reflect on how much Richard Armitage is going to ruin my life*

Argh. I'm doomed.

The gate to Beorn's house is looking mighty beautiful. The greens and yellows of the grass and trees are simply stunning. I love how much more realistic everything looks in this second trailer - looks like someone noticed the comments about the teal shading and went back and fixed it all. Nice.

Oh, and there are bear statues over the gate! :)

The bridge into Thranduil's realm in Mirkwood. Look at the leaves on the trees... the grass... the water... AUGH, the color!

I'm glad to see that Thorin will always have Dwalin beside him. After all, you need your buddy close to talk trash about the Elves, the Laketowners, etc. XD
Really, though, Dwalin's strength and loyalty are some of the best parts about him. The scene where he yells for Thorin and nearly falls from the hanging tree at the end of AUJ? That's Dwalin. And that's why I love him.
Trees in Mirkwood! Glorious trees! They may be poisoned and evil and dying, but still... glorious trees! Look at those branches, gnarling and twisting up to the skys. Look at that canopy of red leaves, like mottled stained glass. Gorgeous.
Look! Mirkwood guards! It's a totally new design of Elf armor, and it looks lovely. Tree branch motifs this go around, instead of leaf and petal motifs. I approve. Also, are they wearing masks over the lower halves of their faces? I suppose that could help if you're fighting poisonous creatures in Mirkwood and do not want to breathe fumes...
Thorin doing his Captain America leap off of ledge with flames following behind.
Seriously, I should start counting how many times Cap does this move in the movies he's in. It's at least three. 1 - When he jumps towards Bucky after confronting Schmidt/Red Skull for the first time, Captain America: The First Avenger. 2 - After he blows up a tank, Captain America: The First Avenger. 3 - After he blows up some other alien mobile, The Avengers. Possible case for 4 - falling out a window and onto a car after deflecting and alien grenade away from people, The Avengers.
Let's just call it the Cap Jump and be done with it.
Honestly, I'm surprised someone on TORn hasn't noticed this shot and started worrying about whether or not Smaug will singe Thorin's hair. XD Oh, the importan things we worry about.
In Pace Christi,

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  1. These are incredible. It's good to see Legolas again, and Thorin is looking amazing...as always. Ugh. I'm sorry, fangirling again. It's not my fault Thorin is incredible. ♥

    The bridge...WOW. I wonder if that was a real place or just a set. ~sigh~ What a marvelous world.