Saturday, October 12, 2013

Look! A:TLA Memes!

*dying of laughter this time over something entirely different*

Poor Zuko and Azula... don't you just want to invade the Avatar: The Last Airbender world and punch out Ozai? Because if there is some sort of twisted award for Worst Father Ever, he wins it. The fact that he's voiced by Luke Skywalker is simultaneously hilarious and horrifying.

What has Sokka been drinking? Because I'm not sure it's just Iroh's tea...

I still totally ship Katara and Zuko. I mean, it's symbolic: fire and water. I can vouch for that. I would totally be a waterbender myself, and yet my favorite characters are always the fire people. *coughRoyMustang*coughArcanineRapidashNinetales*cough

It's a very lovely piece of artwork, though. I just really don't get the little hearts by Mei's head when, you know, Zuko forgot about her and left her in prison. I just can't see her forgiving him that easily. And meanwhile he took a lightning bolt for Katara? I mean... really... it makes no sense...

That's the primary reason why I can't get into Korra. I just disagreed so much with the ending of A:TLA.

And now for bonus Yu-Gi-Oh!:

I love how Yami's hair almost makes him as tall as the rest. XD

In Pace Christi,


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