Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fun With Dwarves

The comments:

| Martin Freeman at dwarf boot camp. He appears to be leading the workout. It appears Jed Brophy has no idea what he is doing. It appears Adam Brown isn't really trying at all. It appears they are all having the time of their lives.

|| look at how focused Richard is

In other news, Martin has a hard time getting on his pony:

And Aidan is laughing at him. XD

Also, Fili decides that he needs to keep an eye on his brother and so makes him hold hands while crossing the green-screen street:

There is already fanart of this, I assure you. I've seen it. It is adorable.

Oh, and bonus food fights in Rivendell! Lindir is not taking this well.


Let's zoom in on Lindir's face there...
Lindir's face is just the best thing ever.
As a bonus, here is something somebody noticed during the extended Goblin King scene:

| Thorin being a precious uncle and comforting Kili?
| Yes it is!
Also note: look, Fili's finally there in the background! Although it really doesn't look much like Dean... Darn it, Dean! Why isn't there more of your Fili in AUJ?
I expect this situation to be rectified in DoS. I do. Work on it.
In Pace Christi,

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  1. I love behind the scenes footage like this! Do you think you could tell me where I can find the footage of dean and aidan holding hands? I srsly want to know what's going on there :D